Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Weekend Sleeping

Tonight, I am listening to the rain hit the windows. I am dressed in a few layers and I am freezing. I slept in this morning (yesterday too), longer then I was planning. I swear I could sleep all day if I was left to my own devices with nothing planned. Flannel sheets, warmth, no worries, nothing bothering me except for Boots now and then, it is practically my favorite place to be.

I had planned to do a lot this weekend but I accomplished almost nothing besides sleeping in. I did a little bit of shopping because I needed to get some winter work clothes to last me this winter. I will be losing weight but in the mean time, I must be warm.

I tracked all of my food this weekend. I still have 4.5 points to eat today. The problem with sleeping late is that I eat late. When I eat breakfast late it throws everything off.  I didn’t go out to breakfast this morning because Secret Sister had other plans so I ate my typical oatmeal for breakfast but when I ate, it was noon. Oatmeal is filling and I wasn’t hungry until 3 or 4 and the cycle goes on. I am getting back into the Weight Watchers mindset. I hope to make some changes this time:

1. Listen to my body and hunger.

2. After this week,  I am going to follow Filling Foods version of WW.

3. I will not starve myself, nor will I be motivated by self hatred.

4. I am going to try to figure out how to import the WW food journal here to the blog.

This morning, I mixed whole berry cranberry sauce into my oatmeal. I must say, I like it! I am always looking for new oatmeal or hot oat bran mix ins. What do you like with your oatmeal?

I know that sleeping a lot is not a good sign in someone who suffers from depression. I don’t deal with the change of seasons very well. I definitely need to get hold of some Vitamin D.  It is just hard getting out of bed. I have to be up early tomorrow morning because we are meeting with Dad’s social worker at 8 am and I have to go and get Dad, my brother and Secret Sister before hand then trek into Brigham & Women’s.

The social worker is probably going to say I need to do more for Dad. Well, my therapist might disagree. I am not sure how much more I can do besides maybe cook a bunch of meals for the week on a Saturday. My parents have taken a lot of my time and energy and I am not sure I can give more. I am already involved quite a bit in helping Dad with day to day stuff. My therapist once said I need to separate myself from my family and not be so involved. I can see pressure coming.

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