Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Vengeful Kitties

I got back into the Zumba mode tonight. I was a little bit off as I was not feeling well, but completed the hour class.  I have been feeling run down, achy and under the weather today. I have a cold that just will not give up.

I was concerned a bit about Boots. He was missing a dime size chunk of fur and it was all red and scabbed over. I had thought it might be ringworm so I brought him to the vets today. Just getting him into the cat carrier involved a game of Jennifer chases cat, only to bribe the cat in the end with treats. Boots hates the car and meowed all the way to the vets office.

When we got there, he charmed the vet techs, acting all cute, nice and shy. He does not have ring worm but had some kind of allergic reaction to something. I got some antibiotics to give him after I type this.

I did know that I would not get away scot free with taking Boots out of the house and in the car without some sort of payback and it came while I was at the gym. I come home to the dark apartment, walk into the kitchen and discover that the glass I put several inches back on the counter has somehow shattered all over the floor. I know revenge was taken.

I am going to go lie down after this and relax. I have also got to fight with Boots to get the amoxicillin in but it should be bad.

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