Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Sun!

The sun made an appearance in Boston today and I was so happy to see it. I could just feel the rays helping me. This cold weather with the constant rain does nothing my mood. Plus, I finally got some Vitamin D yesterday and maybe the combination of the two is helpful.

I did well today with points mainly because I left my wallet at home when I left for work. I had planned my lunch all out after looking at Cosi's website, which has good nutritional information, and I was prepared to spend 9 points on their Thanksgiving sandwich but when I got to the register, my wallet was not there.

My stomach was not happy and my brain today.  My boss had half of her tuna sandwich left over, which she gave me and I had some clementines so that was my lunch. All the more points it leaves for some food tonight at Cagney's. I will have at 23 points for dinner. This having lots of points left over for dinner has got to change though. I am fairly hungry now.

Trivia has become the highlight of my week. I look forward to it. Knitting, beer and trivia with good friends is a great time. I have always loved trivia and the people I play with are awesome even if Secret Sister does play with us now. It is good to spend time with her also. I get worried about her and try to help her. I guess that is what older sisters are for.

Speaking of family, I must go see Dad after work. That meeting we had with the social worker last week was a "What more can you do for him?" type of meeting. I guess I am going to cook some meals on weekends for him so he does not have to buy dinner so much.  I am bringing a few cooking magazines over to have him pick out what he wants to eat.

I was a bit upset at the thought that I don't do enough now. I do. I visit him, take him to his appointments, go through the mail, help him make decisions, etc. I have worked so hard to help but not get immersed in him and now I fear I will. The family relationship has always been a bit weird and my therapist has been trying to get me stay connected yet apart for sometime. In most of my therapy session, we talk about my parents for most of the hour. This social worker does not understand.


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  1. Don't let some social worker that doesn't know you as good make you feel bad! You know what is good for you and how much you are able to help. Remember, you are first. And never feel bad about that!


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