Friday, November 5, 2010

A Plan

I have been disgusted with myself and only I can do anything about it. I have decided that I love the Weight Watchers program but I hate meetings. I don’t get much out of them.  They just don’t do it for me. So I am going to do Weight Watchers online. I’ll weigh in tomorrow morning. I am going back to the boards – if you post on the boards there, I’ll be back more often.  I will talk about it here a lot.

I want to do a cookie Friday type of thing. Maybe not with a cookie but once a week, I can spend some of my points on something good like a martini (it is my grandmother’s maiden name) or perhaps a cookie or a piece of pizza. Whatever I feel like. I will journal it and move on. You can eat anything on WW but I can’t. I have seriously messed up my metabolism over the years. I know what I need to do. I have lost over 100 pounds twice before and I can do it again.

Weight Watchers, when will come out with a Droid app?

There will be no beating myself up. I can’t take it. I try to suppress the thoughts when I look in the mirror. It is becoming harder and harder.  I have been doing this my entire life.  It is not just about my looks. I can’t write some of things I think about myself because I will just start crying. That’s when I go back to thinking about the past. Gah! It must stop. For two years, I have been getting better not regressing.

A friend of mine suggested I start taking 2000 IU of Vitamin D. I am going to buy some soon. Ever since the change in the weather, I have felt myself slide down from my place of stable thoughts. I don’t get into the sun as much as I should, no one in New England does. It will help me, I hope on top of the Wellbutrin/Prozac.

Speaking of Droid apps, I have been playing a bit with my new phone and came across FX Camera and I’ve been experimenting. Here is Boots in Polandroid:

Boots polandroid

More to come, but Boots is not the best of models.

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  1. ::hug:: I know it's hard-but you can do it! Good plan with the tasty food reward-if you deny yourself something, you only want it way more (which is why Lent is so hard on me!)! You ARE worth it!


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