Thursday, November 4, 2010


I have a lot of friends with different backgrounds, different political point of views, different upbringings and I think it brings new things into my life. It makes interesting discussion and I don’t want to be around people that are 100% like me all the time. Life would be so boring. There are very few people like me anyways Smile.

It is a conversation I had today that really got to me. I was sitting, reading my book, and a person I am familiar with said “I don’t know how anyone could vote for so and so, I would never associate with someone that stupid.”

I am somewhat quiet but when provoked, I can’t help but speak up. It is like the awakened devil in me or something. I put my book down and said, “Well, you associate with me don’t you? And I associate with you, don’t I? Am I dumb, stupid and an ignoramus because I did in fact vote for so and so?”

He stumbled and said, “Oh I didn’t mean you.” Who did you mean?

I hate that attitude of you must be dumb because you disagree with me. It drives me crazy because I am far from dumb yet I have a differing point of view from most people I know here. I don’t talk about it a lot because that superiority complex around here comes out.

Sometimes I find people who claim to be the most open-minded are quite the opposite.

I even complimented myself up there. That is progress! It is end of the year review time and my boss had to change my wording on my year end comments because I downed myself too much. That was a problem.

I signed my life away to get a flu shot tonight and I am off to trivia soon.

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  1. Hey! Haven't been around in months due to general dispiritedness...and was overwhelmed at the thought of trying to catch up with the few blogs I used to follow. But yours happened to be at the top of the feed, and here I ended up seeing you say EXACTLY what I need to hear. Great post.
    I am in RI, same general political climate I think...and I find myself not agreeing with what it seems my general demographic is "supposed" to believe. And I am intelligent, too! But I simply don't like conflict and thus have become totally obsessive about making sure not to let on to anyone what I think, because God forbid... It's pretty stressful. Some of my own good friends have become the sort that spew vague, condeming adjectives about anyone who does not think EXACTLY as they do about politics. Nevermind that people all have different, equally valid life experiences that cause them to believe the things they do. It would make for illuminating conversation if anyone could open their oh-so-"open" minds at all. I avoid any and all discussion about politics, general ideology or society now. How's the weather?

    I've gotten quieter and quieter and seems unsafe to say anything about anything anymore. Only self-confident people's opinions are worth anything, apparently!


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