Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It Does Happen To Me

The last two days have been crazy! I am just getting a few minutes to actually blog. Tonight I saw Harry Potter & The Deathly Hollows Part 1 and I loved it. I may have to see it again in IMAX, I thought it was that good and I like it a bit better than the book so far. That may be blasphemy but The Half Blooded Prince and the Prisoner of Azbekan are my favorite books of the series.

Something that has never happened to me happened yesterday. I was asked out by a stranger. Yes! Strange isn't it?  It happened at the MRI place where Mom was getting her MRI done. He was there with his father and he helped me get my Mom into the car and put the wheelchair into my trunk while Dad, who was with me, was in the rest room. After he helped, he asked me if I would get something to eat or a drink with him sometime. I was shocked. I was not really dressed up and I was a little bit annoyed at Dad and his constant chatter with strangers. He was talking to the guy's father. I had zero make up or anything really but I for some reason caught his eye.

We ended up meeting for dinner and a drink that night.  We went for dinner in Hull and afterwords walked a bit at Nantasket Beach. He called me "beautiful" and "gorgeous" several times throughout the night. I was thinking are you talking to me?

He was a bit shy and I am not sure how much we actually have in common but I had a good time. He asked me if I had plans on Friday night and I said no so we are supposed to go out on Friday also. I do know he lives with his parents and is younger than me at 33.

Tomorrow, I am cooking for the family. I hope we get through the day without killing each other. I am looking forward to the turkey and stuffing. Plus the Patriots are on. Let's hope they beat the Lions.


  1. That's very nice, Jen - I am glad to hear you had a nice time and that he's interested in seeing you again. Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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