Monday, November 15, 2010

Gloom and Doom?

All weekend long, no matter where I was, the talk was about the Patriot’s game against the Steelers on Sunday. I swear, all I heard was how Pittsburgh was going to beat if not kill us because of the game the previous week. It was as if the team was not 6-2 but 1-7.

The Patriots ended up becoming 7-2 by beating the Steelers. The win got me thinking today about the gloom and doom attitude the Patriot’s fans seem to have and how maybe it is not only me.

I can be a gloom and doomer. Talk about my family and Murphy’s Law takes over. It is a self defense mechanism that I had to prepare myself for heart break so I would not be so hurt. That attitude tends to be pervasive in the area south of Boston when talking about the Patriots.

In this case, I was the only non-gloom and doomer. I was having a few drinks with Secret Sister on Friday night and the bartender and the other people in the bar were hoping it would not be a total beating on Sunday. I was trying to convince people that they are a good team. It went on deaf ears.

At breakfast on Sunday at The Omelet Factory also with Secret Sister, we were sitting at the counter eating breakfast and conversation started about the game that night and every one at the counter chimed in.  The consensus was not a hopeful one.

The other Boston sports teams do not inspire this kind of attitude except maybe the Bruins. Why was everyone so down? The team is good!

image: FanIQ

I survived another day on WW. I did not go to the gym tonight because I was on a quest to find Fooey spray, a extremely bitter apple spray to spray every cord in the house. I also had to get another keyboard. I am keeping my fingers crossed. I did journal and generally feel pretty good today albeit a bit tired.

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