Monday, November 29, 2010

5 Things: Weekend TV


It has been a few days. I am finally feeling like my wonderful self again. The stomach bug of some kind totally knocked me out Friday and Saturday. I felt better on Sunday but was a busy gal. I am sort of in a guy quandary and both of the guys have the same name. I am just going to see where things go with both of them.

I missed yet another week of 5 Things. I could not stand to be in front of the computer over the weekend. When one of the guys in the quandary said to me “What was your 5 things this week?” I was like oops. Forgotten again.  I spent this weekend on the couch and watched more TV then I have in the past 6 months over the weekend.

This is some of what I watched.

1. Married to Rock:


It was actually better then it looked. Compared to the number 2 show, these women rock.

2. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills:


A $50,000 party for a whiny 4 year old?

3. Alaska State Troopers:


I am strangely drawn to this show. It makes me want to go to Alaska and meet some of their fine troopers.

4. My Dog Ate What?


Yes your dog and your cat ate that.

5. A combination of Michael Weston and Football.


    +    image


Michael Weston + a Patriots win = a good Thanksgiving


In other news, I got caught up on the new Points Plus system with Weight Watchers. My points went up from 32 to 41. I had quite a few points left over for dinner. I also got some activity points from doing my first  2011 Race Up Boston Place training, where I climbed the 38 floor building at one of my work sites.

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