Wednesday, November 3, 2010





This year has flown by. I have a hard time believing it is already my birthday when last year seemed like yesterday. The time definitely goes by faster as you get older.

I wonder if I should change the tag line of the blog. I think I will leave it for now.

Work today was another budget filled day filled with sinus headaches. I was so happy to go home at 5 pm. I am tired of the budgets. I just want the whole project done. My other work is piling up in a never ending pile and I am getting further and further behind.

After work, Dad, Secret Sister and I went to a local restaurant, the Abington Ale House,  that gives you a free birthday meal on your birthday if you come with someone one else. I was good to spend time with both of them in a mostly squabble free zone. They are making more of an effort to get along. It is sort of a tradition to go there. We always seem to go get our free meal there (as does everyone else in the restaurant.)

Secret Sister offered to take me out for a drink after dinner but I declined. I was tired and really just wanted to get home. I have become a bit of a fuddy-duddy in my old age – especially on a work night. She’ll buy me a drink tomorrow at trivia. She is back to tagging along for trivia and watching us knit.

Saturday night I am heading out with a few friends to one of my favorite Italian restaurant in the North End of Boston, Antico Forno. It will be a good time.

My cold was feeling better but now, it is back with a bloody nose. It is one of those feel good 1 day, feel bad the next kind of thing that is lasting for a little bit too long. I am going to get a flu shot before trivia tomorrow, so I hope it does not make me sicker.


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