Monday, October 11, 2010

Working Holiday

I had my not so mid-year review at work on Friday. It went better than expected. We discussed what has been happening at work and my boss thought it best that I:

1. Looked at the glass half full most of the time. This is going to be hard but I am trying. I admit as a self preservation mechanism, I generally prepare myself for the worst and it usually happens. Perhaps it is a self fulfilling prophecy. My boss is the same way so maybe it is just a Boston thing or we have both been worn down for a while.

2. I need to stop working through my lunch breaks. I used to work in the dungeon. It was a windowless, bad HVAC system, grim hole in the bowels of a 38 story building. It did not bring warm fuzzy feelings to its occupants. I used to walk during most lunch breaks. It was important to see the outside or else, it totally sucked away my spirits during the afternoon. At some point, I stopped taking lunch breaks. My spirit was sapped.

So now that there is massive construction going on over the dungeon and the waterproofing has been to, it is even a worse place to work in, we have moved to an office in Kendall Square. I don’t get over the bridge into Cambridge all that often and in Kendall Square even less so I need to get reacquainted with the area.

Today unlike most of America,I did not have Columbus Day off, I did just that. I went for a long walk at lunch time and I took my camera with me, in case I saw something interesting.  I wanted to remember where the Kendall Square movie theater, a little independent art house type theater, was so I could see a movie there after work sometime.

I have noticed a ton of acorns on the ground. The hoarding chipmunks and those dastardly squirrels must be happy.


I also walked along the Charles River and was compelled to take this picture of a duck swimming along.


I really need to go food shopping. I am still eating unprocessed as best I can but I am running out of some basics. I have a focus group ($100 for giving my opinion) tomorrow so it will have to wait until Wednesday.

I am going to look through my soup cookbook to get ingredients to make my first soup batch of the year.

I saw this today and found it very appropriate. My Friskyscope today:

You’re born under the most intense sign of the zodiac and that means you don’t let anything go without a fight. However, when you’re grappling with your demons, the harder you fight, the more of a chokehold they’ll have. For now, the path of least resistance is best, as they are only as strong as you want to make them, and this week, they’re out to suck you dry.

I am a Scorpio and while, I am not one for horoscopes generally, I said this one was right. I don’t let anything go without a fight, just ask my family and some friends. I hope my demons aren’t active this week.

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  1. Look at the glass half full? There's so little practicality in that!

    It must be so nice to have a river nearby and places to walk. Where I work, we aren't so lucky. There's some scrub brush, but we're basically caught between the foothills of the mountains and the dusty, dirty desert. It's about as picturesque as a box of sawdust.


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