Monday, October 4, 2010

Vermont and things

This weekend I was in the state of Vermont for the first time. It was the one New England state I had never visited. It was a cool fall weekend and while I knew that going away would have me broke for the rest of the pay period, I went anyways. Maybe stupid, but I’ll deal with it.


My original reason for going to Vermont was to attend the Vermont Sheep & Wool Festival in Turnbridge, VT. It was a great day for a festival. Of course, there were the sheep, bunnies and alpacas.



I restrained myself and only bought 1 skein of sock yarn and a bag of Romney wool to be spun. My yarn stash is ever growing and I knew I had to be good.


The next day we went to Cold Hollow Cider Mill.  This particular machine gave samples of great cider. I love cider!


We went to Ben & Jerry’s Factory as well. I will admit, I have only had Ben & Jerry’s ice cream a couple of times in my life. I never buy it because it is expensive, small and too convenient for one serving.  It was cool to go on the tour though. I was really interested because I love those “How It’s Made” TV shows but they were not running production so it was less enthralling to me.


The tour guy did well and was quite into the “moooo” part. One of the best parts of the tour.


We drove home Sunday afternoon. I was sort of happy to be home. The weekend went by fast, as most weekend do.

I had promised a friend that I would come to yoga tonight at the gym and despite feeling like a cold coming on and having a headache, I went and survived an hour and a half of gentle yoga. I am not flexible and hopefully this will help.

I am getting sick again. This is the second time this fall that I have been sick. Ugh. I hope it is not a sign of things to come. I am taking better care of myself, eating healthy and now as unprocessed as I can, but this better not be a sign of things to come.

As far as the unprocessed food goes, today I had:


Old Fashioned Oats made with 1% milk, lemon curd and dried unsweetened cranberries. Coffee.


Turkey and cheese with a 100 cal Wholly Guacamole pack* in a whole wheat tortilla.A cheese stick and an apple.


Nature’s Path MMMaple Pecan Bar (the most unprocessed thing I think), almonds before yoga


Burger with havarti with dill with ketchup (cooked in a little canola oil) and broccoli. I also had 4 small squares of Lake Champlain Chocolate, I got in Vermont, which was 1 serving.

I need more fruits and veggies. No soda today, just water and coffee. I am not perfect but

*I love love these 100 calorie packs of guacamole. They are so good and I like them because the guacamole does not go bad, which is a problem I have when I open a package and not use it for a couple of days. I hate wasting food.  100 calories of guacamole is a lot and they taste very good.

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  1. Great trip! I love Ben + Jerry's - it is expensive though. It used to be our "special treat" when we were growing up so I've got memories attached to it too.


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