Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tickle Tuesday

Today was just a weird day. From witnessing some very weird behavior on the Red Line tonight to getting a call at work where they wanted me to tickle them, I am over the day.

It is also rainy and cold here in Boston and I know how that affects my mood some days. I knew today was perhaps a good day to stay in bed all day. It is my favorite place on a day like today. No one can bother me most days in bed and it has been a long time since I have taken a mental health bed day. The thought is wicked appealing.

My quest to eat Unprocessed Foods went ok. It was a little similar to yesterday. I eat A LOT of the same things over and over.

Breakfast – Old fashioned oats cooked in 1% milk, Tap’n Apple butter and raisins. I didn’t really like the combination and could only eat about a 1/3 of it. Apple butter and raisins are better in oatmeal cooked in water. 2 coffees.

Lunch – Ham and cheese wrap with honey mustard and a cheese stick.

Snack – 2 apples with natural peanut butter.

Dinner РA glass of wine with dinner, Brown rice, chick peas, black beans, peppers and onions saut̩ed in olive oil with Tikka Masala sauce. Lots of leftovers for 2 days worth of lunches. 4 pieces of chocolates from the Lake Champlain chocolates I got in Vermont.

I am going to have some tea with honey soon. Once again, water only outside of wine, coffee and tea.


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