Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Past v Future

As I was driving home from Zumba tonight (yes, I survived and did better the second class), I all of a sudden thought about how I haven’t really been thinking of the past much. I used to thrive on the past. I was a would of, should of, could of gal. I spent so much time thinking about the past, that I never much concentrated on the future.

Even now, I don’t think much about the future. I was never the girl that planned her wedding in her head or named her kids twenty years before they were born. I am more of a here and now gal. Just trying to get through each day with my head above water. It is progress.

The only future I am concerned with now is my birthday next week. How is it that a year has gone by? Why does time go by so fast now that I am older?

Birthdays were downplayed in my family after you turned 13 or so. I am not really sure what I am doing. I may just get my free meal somewhere on my birthday itself.

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