Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A New Day

Today was a better day. I took a little time and put some make up on before work, made sure everything looked good on me and wasn’t as rushed as normal. I drank a lot of coffee this morning which made me extra perky.

I have become addicted to Dunkin Donut’s Caramel Swirl hot coffee with milk. What has gotten in to me? I have resisted for so long….it is mostly futile.

It wasn’t until late afternoon when my mind began to wonder. I think it was because of the depressing classical music the concierge had on. The morning concierge had classic rock on and it was awesome doing 2011 budgets to AC/DC but then the afternoon concierge came on and put on depressing classical music.

A lot of classical music isn’t depressing but this was. I was practically in tears at one point (maybe the budgeting software caused that too) and working alone all afternoon, did not promote nice happy thoughts.  I think I need to work around people. I am much more productive and happier. Even having Boots around working from home would have been better.

I did get food shopping tonight. I now have vegetables, some fruit, stuff for lunch, and dinner. They were out of pumpkin at Hannaford's. They had a can of $3.00 organic pumpkin but I passed on that. I even saved $25 with coupons. That made me happy.

Two more days until the weekend. That is one thing to be happy about!

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  1. Can you find a small pair of speakers and listen to your own music (from the computer - I like Pandora - or an mp3 player) at your desk? I have a small pair of speakers that I plug my iPod into at my desk and it makes a HUGE difference for me to have my music playing quietly throughout the day. No one outside my cube can hear it, but it's enough to help me turn bad days around!


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