Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hair Dilemma

I have had the same basic hair style for the last 5 years or so. Give or take a little bit and it is basically the same thing. I might have a hair appointment on Saturday or maybe not since I have been a bit discombobulated lately and can’t find the card, but it is coming soon.

I look at myself:


I have fine hair that is almost straight and lacking in body. I have hair envy. The hair is always better on other people. I am not sure where to go with my hair.

Do I leave it relatively the same? Currently, I have the “do what the hair wants attitude” and if not put it up. Yesterday, I was called a “Sir” at the deli counter by the clerk with my hair up, maybe that is not a good sign.

I would like long hair like Secret Sister’s long blond hair but it just kind lies there and does nothing for me except look pretty.

I don’t know about short hair. I used to have short hair a long time ago and I don’t have fond memories of it.

I’ll probably just get it trimmed a bit. Decisions, decisions.

I am really noticing my eyes lately. Crazy! I just snapped the photo to show my hair. They are dominating the picture I think. They look very intense to me and sort of freak me out a bit. Maybe that is people don’t talk to me on the street.

I had started to read the book, He’s Just Not That Into You and I finally finished it. From what I read, I might as well get another cat and start yelling at the neighborhood kids because I am doomed.  I am trying to step out of my comfort zone and I find that is the wrong way to go about it. I have to wait for him. I’ll be waiting a long time because I have never been asked out like they talk about in the book.

We are getting a good old Nor'easter this weekend. I may attempt to go to the store tomorrow to battle for cat food. Then I will listen to the wind and rain tomorrow night. I live near the ocean and it is sort of cool watching the waves during the storm, from behind the sea wall. I am looking forward to the weekend either way.

I have this on Sunday!

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  1. I think a sassy short cut would be really flattering on you. Or, one of those shorter in the back and layers in the front. Post pictures when you get it cut.

    BTW, my hotel is already booked for BlogHer. Woot!


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