Saturday, October 16, 2010

5 Things: The Jen Edition

I have had a tough low self esteem week so today’s 5 Things installment is 5 things I like about me.

It has always been hard for me to think of what I like about myself and that has got to change.  The following things are stuff I like about myself:

1. I have always questioned authority. Ever since I was a little, defying my parents to now, I don’t really like people telling me what to do. Dad said he admired that I fought back and I like it too.

2. My eyes my sort of shock me but I love them. They change depending on the day and because my face is pale, they really pop.

3. My freckles. I may have been called a freak growing up and they do multiply every summer, but they are part of me and I like them.

4. I am constantly told I am quiet but people who know me may beg to differ. I am on the reserved side but I talk when I want to talk to with whom ever I want to talk to. I have also been told that once I get talking, it is a little hard to get me to stop, which I find wicked funny. A little quirkiness I like.

5. I have always wished I could chop a few inches off of my height but I’ve embraced it. I am 5’10 and I love it. I will wear heals and not care.


  1. Hi! I joined SiTS recently and was scrolling through the forums to see what was going on about the tribes posts (I was easily confused) and saw the I'm Single Not Dead group & laughed bc that's me and saw your link and came to read. 8) I very much liked this post and can relate strongly. I'll be lurking. 8)

  2. Today I went to the Charles River Museum of Industry to see their exhibit on the early industrial period. It is in Waltham.

    I was shocked to discover emotionally what I sort of knew intellectually: the legacy of powered machines and mass automation is old enough now to have a real history.

    The people of 100 years ago who lived without TV, long life spans, relative world peace and prosperity, and anaesthetic dreamed of a better future.

    What brought me close to tears was the realization that that's no longer the future. That's today. We are the embodiment of their dreams.

    That makes me happy no matter what mood I'm in. :)

    p.s. my website is full of this deep (or schmaltzy, take your pick) stuff like this.


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