Saturday, October 30, 2010

5 Things: Family Wisdom

I picked up my Dad to do a few errands today. One of the errands was to go to Verizon Wireless to get new phones. I got the LG Ally, a Droid phone, so far it seems pretty cool. Dad was on a roll with his “wisdom” today, especially about women, cats and cheeseburgers.

The subject of cats came up because Secret Sister has a cat that has not bonded well with her. She wants to give the cat to me. Since I have Boots, Dad had opinions galore.

1. “With single women, 1 cat is enough.” What about single men? I know more than 1 single guy with more than 1 cat.

2. “Any more cats becomes a substitute for other things.” My cat is a roommate substitute. It was depressing coming home to an empty apartment night after night after night. He greets me at the door and is a reason to come home.

3. “I will most certainly become a cat lady with more than one cat since my current cat has a Facebook page, is my buddy and any more will put me over the crazy cat lady edge, which I am teetering over already.” Bring it on.

4. Dad insists I do not have a black thumb when it comes to plants. He gave me clippings to challenge that premise. Let’s see if they are alive a few months for now. He just told me to make sure they have lots of water.

5. I had to bring something over my other not so secret sister in Holbrook and I was telling my sister about my quest to win things. My 7 year old nephew said, “That will never happen.” about my quest. Have faith little man. Have faith.

Since I was in Holbrook, I was tempted to stop by the Lynwood CafĂ© over the border in Randolph. I  grew up almost down the street in the Grove in Holbrook but decided against it. I heard they raised the price of a pizza by double and it was enough for me to pass it up. In one review, it said it was a “gritty” area. Really? I don’t think of that area as gritty, if you know it, but I am just a native.

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