Sunday, October 10, 2010

5 Things: About the cold weather

I tend not to be very positive about fall and winter. The trees losing their leaves tends to depress me along with lack of sunlight and what seems like longer nights, it is not my favorite season.

Since, I am trying to be one of those glass half full people, today’s 5 Things installment is 5 things I like about the cooler weather.

1. Flannel Sheets – Soft, warm, comfy….


2. Hot chocolate – yum!


3. Hot Coffee Drinks – my personal favorite, the Nutty Irishman – yum.

4. Soup – I plan on eating and making a lot of it this fall/winter.

5. Hibernation – if I bear can do it, why can’t I?



  1. stopping by from the tribe ;) and following you now :)

    I am actually looking forward to some cooler weather, then again I'm in the southern US and it's been darn hot here...

    I am so looking forward to soup season!

  2. I am not a real fan of winter because I hate feeling cold. Especially at night.

    Hibernation would be a great option for me :)

  3. I HATE the cold, and I especially despise snow (hence the moving South), so I feel your winter blues! Soup is amazing (I'm a chili fan, myself), but I think my #1 perk to winter is sweaters! I can't explain it, but I *love* a good sweater! I feel like the right ones are so much more flattering than summer clothes :)

  4. soup is one thing that I seriously struggle making. Hopefully that'll change this winter!



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