Sunday, September 5, 2010

Shopping Day

I woke up this morning and didn't feel like staying home. I didn't have any plans but didn't want to do nothing all day so I decided to go shopping. I wish I lived with someone so they could take my picture in what I bought. I have to figure out a better was to take pictures. 

I bought a nice slimming Jones NY skirt, and a new pair of Levis jeans and a button down blouse at Macy's. I then went to Lord & Taylor, whose plus size department I really like, and bought a Kenneth Cole skirt for $15 and a cool Karen Cane blouse and a zipper down shirt from Nine West. I got a ton of clothes for less than $100. 

While at the mall, I went into Nordstrom. They had some really nice dresses that I would have loved to try on and I am sure would have fit me well but unfortunately, I don't have another dressy occasion where I need another dress coming up. I bought the two dresses for Blogher and I have to find a time to wear those again. 

Then I hit Target. I bought some underwear, shoes, some house stuff and I had to leave the store before I bought more. I could have roamed around Target all day. I wasn't impressed with their clothing selection but I was impressed with everything else. 

Now, I want to wear those Blogher dresses again sometime soon. My 37th birthday is in November and I want to wear each of them once before then. Just 2 nights, maybe one being the Vino Voyage, that I can just get dolled up and go out and hit the town. Is it too much to ask?

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