Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Coming from a different place

I decided that I was going to stop using the services of my nutritionist at my gym tonight. Based on my conversations with her, I just felt that I needed to talk to my therapist about some of the issues that I discussed with her.

I didn't feel it was the right place to discuss all of the ins and outs of my issues, which is what it became. This Friday, when I see my therapist again, I will start to talk about my food issues. This whole being alone thing, my fear of attention and all the craziness in my head is coming out and talking it over with the therapist and writing about it here are the best places, not with a nutritionist.

This means I am back doing WW. I am not sure if I should write out my journal here daily or take photos, what do you think? Will you continue to read if I sprinkle some WW stuff in here and there along with my normal craziness?

I am going to be doing the Race Up Boston Place again in February. My 4th time doing the climb. I can't believe it has been 4 years. Why does time go by so fast the older I get?

I am watching Man v Food. Probably not the best show to watch while typing about joining WW. This episode is in Portland, Me. I am trying to ignore the restaurant he is doing the challenge in though the challenge is too much. How does he do it and remain such a cutie?


  1. I like that show I used to save it on my DVR. I think he seems healthy but he better watch it, huh? ;)

  2. Weight Watchers?!? Really? I thought you didn't like them.

    Out of curiosity, I went on their site not long ago and didn't see anything talking about their packaged food, other than a skyscraper ad on the side for a SmartOnes coupon. Their site seems to stress recipes and making your own meals from scratch. And talking to a coworker who loves them, she said she's never experienced them promoting their food brands.

  3. I never said I didn't like them. They do promote their bars, oatmeal, candy, snacks that they sell in meetings. Walk into a meeting center. You will see the wall full of the stuff. Check out the ingredients. Leaders and receptionists get commission on it. I was a receptionist.

    I said I do not like some of the stuff they stress. I get nothing out of their meetings because I have been going for a long time and if I hear muscle weighs more than fat one more time, I may lose it.

    I lost 110 lbs using WW.

  4. I didn't know that you worked for them. Well, at least with WW you don't have to actually attend the meetings to use the plan. I saw some recipes on their site that sounded good.


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