Friday, September 24, 2010

Boston in Pittsburgh

Hi everyone! I am glad to be back home but I found out that Pittsburgh has a much maligned and not deserved reputation in Boston. I will excuse their misguided Steelers ways, not every city can be perfect.

I arrived on Tuesday after an uneventful JetBlue flight from Boston. I realized I left my glasses at home. The world was a fuzzy blur after I took my contacts out. I was hoping that I would not rip one of them then I’d really be in trouble. Luckily, my contacts survived the trip.

I stayed at The Priory. It was one home to Benedictine monks and priests and was converted into an inn. The inn definitely had an older feeling about it but I thought the architecture and the rooms were comfortable and cute.


The outdoor courtyard was really nice. I loved the architecture and the way the shadows from the trees hit the building.



I met up with a friend from a message board that I have posted on for a long time. She took me to Church Brew Works, which was one of the coolest and most unusual places I have been to in a while. There is nothing like it here in Boston.  It was a brew pub/restaurant in a church and the church feel was still very much present.



I had some unusual pierogies and a buffalo burger for dinner and both the food and beer were very good. I would recommend it if you are in the area.


Then we went up to Mount Washington and I got to look at the city at night. The view was awesome.


I love the look of the building with the multiple spires on the left side of the photo. There was something very cool about the building.


I got the history nerd in me all excited on Wednesday when I went to the Senator John Heinz History Center with another long time message board friend. The museum was just cool.





When in Pittsburgh, you must get Primanti’s once and I continued the tradition.


It took me a minute to figure out how to tackle this beast. Notice the fries in the sandwich. I am told that fries are in everything in Pittsburgh, even salads. It was something I had to do. It was delicious though!



I spent much of that afternoon walking around the city and using buses. I went to Shadyside, Oakland, where I got in a traffic jam because of a gas leak. I went back downtown and it started to storm so I waited it out in a Starbucks.

I walked back to the hotel but found a bar, Soho,where I had a few ciders and some pizza. I was exhausted from walking around and I got back to the hotel and collapsed on the bed.


When I left Thursday morning, I was happy to be home but was really happy I got to see Pittsburgh and make some new friends.


  1. What was in the pierogies? I love those!

  2. Glad you had fun in Pittsburgh. I wish I didn`t live there, as it is a place to visit once or twice, but living there I am not really a fan. Steelers fans are very rude.


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