Saturday, September 18, 2010

5 Things: Boots Takes Over

It is about time that Boots gets some love here on the blog. My buddy. Who says dogs are the only ones that can tell your mood? I am convinced cats can too.


1. Sappy Owners – She lets me drink water out of a dripping tap. She sings to me and has all sorts of strange words that she uses while talking to me. I wait for her when she comes home and she goes all kitty crazy on me.


2. Harmony Farms Cat Food – I love this stuff.












3. Blue Buffalo soft food – See above.


4. Napping – I love to nap. This is one of my new favorite places.



5. Stuffed Chipmunks – Since she keeps me locked up, all I can do is look out the windows at the squirrels and chipmunks mocking me. I have this stuffed one to keep me occupied.


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  1. awww, I love my cats too! Thanks for stopping by on my SITS Day.


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