Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunday Ramblings

We did manage to get my Mom’s bureau to my apartment without much of a problem. Getting the van from U-haul was problem-free. The only small problem was that the mirror that goes with the bureau did not fit into the van so I have to figure out another to get the mirror to my place. I’ll have to find someone with a pickup truck. I put most of the clothing that was piled in my room, in the bureau so it look a little neater as a whole in my room.

I did feel like going out to Abby Park’s 1st Anniversary Party tonight. I went with Secret Sister to the party and the afternoon started out great. We stayed at the party for a little while then went to eat at Cagney’s, which is a cool bar on Washington Street. The food is cheap and good. I made the mistake of saying something negative against the almighty Red Sox and that set her off. She demanded we leave then she proceeded to chew me out and spew negativity at me calling me negative and how I would not say anything negative about the Red Sox to anyone else in the bar because I’d get my ass kicked, she said. I laughed and said, “Sure I would.” Has she not been around at other times?

Any ways by the time I dropped her off, I was swearing (which is something I don’t do a lot of), she was swearing, calling me all sorts of names and I responded by saying that she could stop tagging along with me and other silly I’m never going to  {insert insult} comments. Let’s just say, she slammed the door and tried to get out of the car when it was moving. It always seems to end with an argument and of course, it will be my fault because it is never Secret Sister’s fault. Does anyone fight with their sibling like this? Often?

I looked at some photographs we got from Mom’s drawers and said to myself yet again that I was not fat nor was I ugly when I was a kid. I wish I didn’t listen to the name calling. I hate dwelling on the past. Looking at photos, which I like to do, dredges it up.

All of this has given me a headache. At least this week is a short work week. Hopefully, Wednesday at 5 will come fast.

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