Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ray and David in Concert

My computer is about 90 in human years. It is on its last legs and may or may not last very long. It has been giving me a little bit of a problem tonight and other then going Office Space on it, which would be gratifying, it is my only blogging option at the moment that I can post a picture or two. So, this post will be quick while it cooperates with me.  I swear it plots against me to act up when I need to use it most.

I went to the Bank of America pavilion in Boston last night to see Ray LaMontagne and David Gray in concert. It was a nice night for a concert and our seats were on the edge of the pavilion so we also had some air during the show. We were running a little late but we got there just in time as Ray was just starting.

Ray was awesome. I loved his music live. He played Beg, Borrow or Steal and all of this other old and new songs. He has such a good voice and is comfortable singing and is not as pretentious as David Gray is. I love you David but you have an air about you. Secret Sister had never heard Ray’s music has become a new fan. I love the blues feeling it has and that fact that I can relate to a lot of the songs.


David played one of my favorite songs in the beginning of the concert. I love Sail Away. Some days, it is all I want to do. I wanted to hear a few other songs like Say Hello Wave Goodbye but we did not stay until the end. I have seen him about 7 times in concert and I was exhausted. We called it a night a little early. Yes, I was a fuddy-dud.

All of the pictures I took of David’s show came out wicked dark. I need to learn to use my camera better.

Music is a great calming agent. It calmed my Mother down when she was anxious and I can feel its calming effects on me when I am going through some issues. It was really calming me last night. It was exactly what my doctor would have ordered had she known. I was waving my arms, singing, laughing with my sister and having a good time.

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