Friday, August 20, 2010

It's Friday night and....

I ain't got nobody..... I don't think you want to hear me sing. My exciting date tonight was dinner with Dad. We went to the Union Oyster House in South Weymouth. It was pretty good. Dad was his usual self. He told me when someone "checked me out" and how he would have gladly rooted for me if he had the chance.

Thankfully, he did not. I do not need dating advice and cheer leading from my Dad. Though with his amazing progress, he might look good dancing around with pom poms. OK, not really, but he could slowly move around with pom poms telling me all about men.

Dad is recovering very well. He has made about an 85% recovery. He is very aware of who is checking me out all the time. "That guy over there was checking you out," Good I guess.

The other night at dinner with a friend of mine, she said I was really "approachable."  I always thought I was the opposite with my gruff Boston no eye contact exterior but I was wrong. I lure people in with my story telling and perhaps my chest. Maybe just my chest. I don't know.

I am feeling a bit more confident. Enough to ask someone out? Well, probably not. How do people meet nowadays? Meddling parents? Certainly not the grocery store. I have discussed the problems I have at the grocery store before. Besides older people asking me to reach for the top shelf as I am 5'10, the only way I would get a guy is to huck a cantaloupe at them. Truthfully.

On the T? Don't get me started on talking to strange people on the subway. It goes against the grain of my being. Once in a while, generally occurring with full moons, I will talk to someone but that is because I am compelled to or they ask me because "look like I am from Boston." So, the T is probably a no. Most of the guys I see have a ring on the Red Line anyways.

Then there is OK Cupid, Match, POF, etc. I haven't spent much time on them lately but since things are slowing down, I should get back into it.

Back to Weight Watchers in the morning. I have a busy day planned. Bloodymarypallooza, Piece of Pie Contest, see Mom before all of this.

I am feeling better. Situational depression gripped me. Maybe it was a coping mechanism. Maybe not. I don't know. I don't like it.

My company is still alive but just barely.

Black font is easy to read so I am making the change.

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  1. Well, maybe if you think like you are taken you will get approached. Way more dudes talk to me now that I'm married. I'm like a dude magnet. Lol. I'm glad you enjoyed the concert. I get a little worked up when I have things planned. I like to be home a lot, or at least have nothing planned so I can do whatever I want.


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