Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Identity Crisis

Lately, in various conversations, I have mentioned the blog. Inevitably, I get asked “What do you blog about?” I’ve been thinking about this because I am sure I will be asked this at Blogher this weekend. Am I a mental health blogger? A depression blogger? A health blogger? A life blogger? A messed up blogger? A blogger?

I am sometimes afraid if I say I blog about my struggles with depression or that I am a mental health blogger that people will judge me or be turned off. Silly, because honestly, let them judge me. I don’t care.  So I usually just say about my crazy life or something like that.  I am a life, mental health and health blogger.

Speaking of Blogher, I can’t wait to get away! I am overwhelmed with the parties, information session, everything but totally excited. It will definitely be an experience. If you are going too, say hello!

Dad is being released on Saturday. Since I won’t be in town to get him, Secret Sister will bring him home.  I bought a few grab bars, a bath seat and a hand held shower head tonight for him. He should be all set with the apartment being ok for him. He is doing quite well on his own.  He was flirting with the ladies in the nursing home when I have visited the last few times!

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