Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Guess where I am going?

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Yep! I am going to Pittsburgh. I got an email from Jet Blue with some discount airfares and for $29, they had flights from Boston to Pittsburgh. I had been to the other $29 fare cities so I said to myself, “Why not!” I went and booked it.  I’ll be visiting September 21st – September 23rd. I am totally excited. I am going to have to see what there is to do in Pittsburgh. I am sure I will be busy.

One thing not to do in Pittsburgh is to walk around with my Patriots jersey. I will leave my Patriots stuff at home.

I have been bitten by the travel bug this year. I have been to DenverLouisville and New York City. Next year, I will be going on a cruise, possibly to Italy, maybe to Ireland with Dad and out to California to Blogher and maybe to see my friend while I am in California.  I am definitely saving my pennies!

One of the advantages of being single is that I can do this. I can book a ticket and just go. Boots will be ok for a few days.

Have you been anywhere lately? Are you planning on going anywhere?
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  1. I live in Pittsburgh! Well, 40 minutes outside the city. $29 is a super-sweet deal!

    My most recent trip was to Romania, and there's a possibility of an upcoming trip to Boston. If not, my next trip will probably be to Florida after I graduate in December.

    Have fun planning your trip!

  2. Enjoy your trip, you definitely cant beat that price.

  3. I have traveled a BUNCH this year too. Mostly for work - to Boston a lot - sure it's only 2 hrs away but I'm not sleeping at home so I count it. I've been to NYC (obvi - met you there), CA - 2x, Mexico, Amsterdam & London. Fab trips overseas- those were for fun not work. Well Mexico was work related but more of a fun trip. I have to say - by in large I'm not a HUGE travel fan - but I think that's because I do it too frequently for work so just being home 'does it' for me!


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