Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Day for Frozen Freddie’s

I was driving home from visiting Dad with AC/DC blaring on the radio when I thought that tonight would be a good night for Frozen Freddie’s. I am officially on vacation. It’s been a long couple of weeks and the chocolate peanut butter cup frozen yogurt was calling my name.

Frozen Freddie’s is this small seasonal ice cream shop on Washington Street in Quincy. There really isn’t any room to sit down and eat but the ice cream is good and the service is nice.


I usually get my ice cream with jimmies. If you don’t know what jimmies are, they are what sprinkles are called here in Boston. Chocolate jimmies are the best.


I decided to save the ice cream for after I had some dinner, which would only be a Morning Star Farms Spicy Black Bean Burger.  I just haven’t been hungry for dinner lately. Maybe it is the hot weather, maybe it is the Topamax or a combination of both.  It is better then eating everything in sight so I’ll take it. My appetite has definitely been affected by Topamax.  I am not snacking as much between meals.

Well, my bus leaves at 8 am tomorrow. I should go and get some rest. I will probably not blog from Blogher but we’ll see. I did not bring my work laptop home but maybe I will find a way.

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  1. "yummy ice cream" From what I heard Topomax should decrease your appetite. Maybe your other meds if you are on any?? Have great night.


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