Saturday, August 14, 2010

Blogher Part 2: My Favorites

Saturday was much better than Friday. I actually attended 2.5 sessions. The morning photography one was way over my ability so I did not stay for all of it. I need to figure out my camera and spend some time on it first. As you may have read before, I have a bit of a problem remembering to take pictures and when I do, they don’t come out right at all.

The second session I attended was for fitness bloggers. My blog, while more of a life blog, does cover fitness, physical and mental. I thought that maybe I would fit in there.  I learned a few things. It was mainly a question and answer session and I listened to all of the questions and answers.

The last session of the day was by far my favorite. I went to the small blog in a big sea session and it was great. My blog will never have thousand of followers nor will I live off it and I don’t really want that. Who would sponsor a blog about my struggles with depression and would I want the companies who would sponsor that type of blog to sponsor me? I do get a bit jealous of the successful bloggers with hundreds and/or thousands of followers and get lots of comments every day but then I think of why I started this blog in the first place. It is my sounding board. My outlet. A form of therapy really. That is the way I like it for now.

The parties on Saturday night were fun. The first party that I went to, the Bloggy State of Mind party, had these cool break dancers and it was just fun to watch.


The second party we went to, Sparklecorn, had this castle and unicorn cake. It was cool!


By the third party, CheeseburgHer, I was fairly drunk and picture taken was non-existent. But, there was a photo booth and it called to us.

The night ended with a drink and meeting up with goober, who said he would be right back but never came back. Jerk. So not worth it.

Some favorite from the conference:

The Pink Twitter – some sort of mojito like , lemonade vodka drink. I liked it and it beats paying $10 for a Corona at the hotel.


Meeting new friends – I was bit concerned that I wasn’t going to click with anyone . I had introduced myself to so many people and every one was nice but it mostly was passing introduction, here’s a card, nice to meet you kind of way. If I had not had drink in the bar on Friday night, I would not have met the two lovely ladies, Laura and Jenn.

Little blogs: I realized that there were other bloggers that felt like me. It kind of made my whole conference. I left that session feeling happy and better about my little blog.

I am happy I went to Blogher and I’ll be going to Blogher ‘11 in San Diego next year.

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