Sunday, August 8, 2010

Back Home

Blogher was fun but I was brought back to reality last night and this morning that brought me crashing down. My brother had gotten in touch with me on Saturday afternoon and told me some stuff that really worried and upset me. He told me that Dad and Secret Sister had been fighting. He wanted to know when I would be home and that things did not go well getting the apartment set up for Dad’s return.

Secret Sister left me a message last night and I did not get the message until it was too late to return the call.  I woke up and returned a call to Secret Sister.  She was crying and she had been crying. Dad had told her he wanted to disown her and that he hated her. It broke my heart. I was crying in my room.

I go away for 3 days and when I return things are falling apart. Maybe if I hadn’t gone, it would not have happened. I am upset that it has come to this. I do not want my family broken apart. Relations with my other Sister were rocky and have slowly gotten back and now this. We do not have a large family and no extended family. Can’t we all just get along?

Dad called me two times on the bus and just further worried me. I had not eaten and I had a killer headache on the ride home. I took the Red Line home and Secret Sister picked me up. We went to get some food and talked about the whole thing. She cried some more and I took it all in. I could feel myself closing up. Getting quiet. Getting down.

I called Dad tonight and that did not make me feel better. He was not in better spirits and was raising his voice with me. I responded in kind. I had said that we all need to treat each other better. He was not buying it. I guess I will have to get over to his place tomorrow after work. Hopefully, he will not treat me that way.

I am happy to be home. Boots was excited to see me and after all this, I was excited to see my cat. I will be happy to sleep in my bed tonight. I’ll do a Blogher recap post tomorrow with pictures. I actually took a few.

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  1. My heart goes out to you and your family. It sounds frustrating. Sending strength your way.


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