Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Unexpected Find

I felt a bit better today. Work was crazy as usual.  I was really too busy to dwell on much. I packed my lunch for work and grabbed a new bar that I found at wonderful Hannaford’s the other day to have as a snack at some point.

I am smitten.


I saw the Nature’s Path MMMaple Pecan Flax + Bars on the shelf and said to myself, Maple! Pecan!  So I bought them.  I can see myself getting addicted to these easily. They are quite good.  I tend to eat similar things over and over until I get tired of them and I have found something new.

So instead of talking about how down I feel, I am talking about something that made me happy, even if it was food. Maybe if I focus on something that makes me happy I can get away from the feeling blah about things.

I am not going to watch the PBS programs about lobotomies on TV now. That is not positive and I can’t imagine going through it. Thank goodness that is not a treatment for depression now.

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  1. Focus on the positive and what you have in your life/what's working for you vs. what you don't like/have. You will continue to attract more good feelings and good things to feel wonderful about.


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