Saturday, July 24, 2010

Slow Saturday

I like slow Saturdays.

I didn’t have any plans tonight so I’ve just been knitting. I am trying to finish a scarf I have been working on. I only have a small ball of yarn left so I should be done soon. Knitting is very soothing to me. I find it therapeutic. It takes my mind off of my problems. That with catching up with Michael Weston and Burn Notice helped me.

I got my hair done today. Unfortunately, I only got to show it off at Hannaford’s when I was food shopping. I desperately needed food and with my brother staying with me, I really need it. He is a big guy and has an appetite. Instead of visiting my parents, I got my hair done and went food shopping. I can home and relaxed.

It was a good Saturday.

Tomorrow is Dad’s 62nd birthday. I am not sure what to get him. He says just visiting is fine but I would like to get a treat. I will have to think of something.

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  1. Hsppy Birthday to your Dad. Happy Sunday.


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