Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Random Wednesday Musings

After spending at a bit of time on OKCupid, Plenty of Fish and Match, I am beginning to think the arranged marriage that my mother’s parents had was not so bad after all. This online dating thing does not bring warm fuzzy feelings in my heart. It sometimes kicks me in the stomach and drags the self esteem I have worked to get up, down. Maybe my profile on OkCupid is bad or my pictures are bad. I am not the most photogenic person out there.

I have a roommate this week.  My brother is sleeping on my couch so I don’t have to pick him up at midnight. He can walk to my apartment from the T stop. Hopefully, we won’t have too many roommate issues.

Dad was doing ok tonight. I tried to explain what happened to him. I am not sure he believes me. He can now drink 1500 ccs of liquid. He did not harass me for a diet coke. Instead, he wanted sherbet, which the nurse gave him. I left because he wanted to sleep.

I actually forgot to eat today. Yes, I brought my breakfast of Stoneyfield Farm Plain Yogurt with fresh blueberries and a bit of honey in my thermos, put it on my desk, went to get an iced coffee, came back to my desk, drank the coffee and forgot about the yogurt. I wasn’t hungry at all. That is totally strange. Something has gotten into me.

I am looking forward to therapy on Friday. I have a lot to talk about and get off of my chest. Especially this self esteem set back and the feeling very down. Just saying it on here helps me a lot.

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  1. I'm glad you dad is doing okay. I have known several people who have met their spouses online. I'm sure it is hard to put yourself out there.


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