Wednesday, July 28, 2010

OD’d on Watermelon

Tonight was one of those, I had a gazillion things to do and didn’t get home nor did I eat dinner until 9 pm, type of nights.  Why was I hope that late? Well, I was supposed to leave work, go get my brother’s stuff so he can crash at my place the rest of the week and grab some shorts for Dad then bring the shorts to Dad then go to the nutritionist but it did not work out as I planned.

I was stuck in the tunnel for an hour tonight.  In the back of my mind, I always think a piece of the ceiling is going to fall in on me or that I will hit one of the death railings in an accident whenever I am sitting in the tunnel stuck in traffic. What is going with Boston traffic in the afternoon lately? It took me an hour and a half to get from work to South Weymouth tonight.  That was the big mess up.

I did not have time to bring Dad his stuff before the nutrition appointment so I flew to the appointment because I was late. I weighed in the same at the appointment unfortunately, my head is in a billion and one places and I did not go to the bathroom before I weighed it. I probably would have lost if I had. It will show on Saturday.

After talking about my food issues with my nutritionist, who I told tonight that I probably needed a food therapist with all of my issues, she said that is me, I was to go to Dad's. Not really what I was getting at. I have an appointment with the med doctor and the therapist on Friday afternoon and I want to talk about some of my food issues then.

Dad was transferred to a sub acute nursing home and got approved for 7 days there. That will hopefully give me the time to get the apartment set up in time.  I dropped off the shorts, picked up the dirty laundry, talked for a bit then left. By the time I got home, it was 9ish then I had to get the trash out. I was hungry.

Watermelon was the answer. Lots of it. I have some in the fridge and I want to eat it before it goes bad but I think I might have OD’d a bit tonight. Can you OD on watermelon?  This was seedless but there were seeds.  I used to think a watermelon could grow inside of me when I was young. I also had a Morningstar Farms Black Bean burger on a Whole Wheat thin with cheese along with the watermelon.


I have another new find to share with you.  I am all about new things lately. At Stop and Shop, I found Garden Lites Butternut Squash Soufflé. I love squash and I really liked this. I need to expand my food routine. I eat the same stuff into oblivion sometimes and since it is me, myself and I thought why not. They were around $2.50 for one and there is one per box. I knew of each ingredient in the ingredient list.




 I really liked it. It had a subtle apple to taste to it and went along with the sandwich I also had. It was microwavable and different. It gets Jen’s approval, next to the MMMaple Pecan bars. There was also a Spinach Soufflé available. 




It is almost Friday! That is positive thinking :)

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