Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mind Changers

I have had a rough day. Dad did not like what me and my brother had to say this afternoon and being a stubborn mule, it escalated quickly. It mad me mad and sad at the same time. It all revolved around Dad’s care after he get out. I then went to visit Mom, who let me take the book, with a bit of a fight and no biting today. She didn’t talk at all even though I asked questions but she was smiling and laughed when I put a stuffed rabbit on my head. Anything to get a reaction.

I need to find a walk or some other time of athletic event to work towards. It will give me something to aspire to.  Once Dad gets out of the nursing home, he will need 24 hour watching and that will sap most of my extra time but I need some time to take care of myself. I have gained a lot of weight. I have negated all of my hard work in losing the hundred pounds but gaining 80% of it back. Since I rejoined Weight Watchers, I need to have something attainable.

This afternoon, I got home and ate and ate. I was upset, depressed, lonely and food called. I answered.  CheezIts, cookies, left over pasta. I stopped and put it behind me. I made a normal dinner and made my lunch for tomorrow. This day is behind me. Tomorrow is the rest of my life.

I am kind of rambling on. I am going to go relax.

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