Thursday, July 8, 2010

Kaput Computer

I am not one to go out and get the latest gadgets. I have a nine or so year old computer at home. It is dying. My monitor goes blank on and off. It takes about 45 minutes for me to do anything, including posting here. It is time for me to go into the 21st century.

I will be in the market for a laptop in the $600 range. I have to do my research.  I have some wiggle room but will try to get a deal.

I am feeling a bit better today. Maybe it is because I am not working in a dungeon. I didn't sleep very well, this picking my brother up from work at midnight is possibly making me a bit loopy. I'll take it though. Sunlight does work wonders.

I am going to speak to Secret Sister about going to the hospital every other day. I did go last night and will go tonight. He seemed a bit better. He was trying to con me into giving him water but other than that, he was OK. He can't drink a lot because they are concerned about the sodium levels in his body. Sodium will keep the brain from swelling and Dad doesn't really understand after being told otherwise that sodium is bad. I refused to give in even though he was calling me a name.  He was still a bit confused and he is having a lot of trouble doing things like using his cell phone. His drain might have come out and if so, he might be moved out of the ICU to a normal hospital room.

I have been eating OK, when I have been eating. Between the heat and stuff, I haven't had much of an appetite. I have a follow up doctors appointment with my PCP tomorrow morning. No major headaches, despite the stress, must be the Topamax, when I remember to take it. Oops.


  1. Glad to hear your dad is doing a bit better. I think if you and your siblings can alternate hospital visit days it might help make things a bit less stressful.

    I need to break down and buy a laptop soon myself. Would love a Mac book since I already have an iMac but they seem pricier than PCs which seem to have more memory and features.

  2. Glad to hear your dad is doing better. I was just stopping by to say thanks for coming to my blog on my SITS day!


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