Saturday, July 31, 2010

Getting Excited

I booked my transportation down to New York for Thursday. I looked at Bolt buses and Greyhound buses. Greyhound was a few bucks cheaper for the round trip fair so Greyhound it is. The hotel I am staying in Thursday night is right next to the Port Authority so it is very convenient that the bus ends at the Port Authority.

I have only been to New York City once before. I dated a man who was from Brooklyn but lived in Wildwood, NJ and I went to New York to stay with him. That was so long ago and I did not see much of the city that weekend. I don’t think I will see much next weekend either but I do want to check out some yarn stores like Purl Soho.

Tomorrow I have to deal with one of my most hated companies, U-haul. We need to get my Mom’s old bureau that is in my Dad’s bedroom out. Since she is in the nursing home, he does not need it. I had to rearrange my bedroom today to accommodate it and get stuff off of the floor into piles that will go into the bureau.  It is sort of sad for me. I wish Mom could still use her bureau. I wish she didn’t have that awful disease and death sentence. Secret Sister and my brother are going to help me. Send me good U-haul vibes. My last experience with U-haul did not go well at all.

I lost 3.2 at my first WW weigh in this morning. That is awesome. I’ll take it. I won’t be able to WI next weekend because I’ll be at Blogher. I must have a strategy for tackling Blogher. It is going to be challenge that is for sure.

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