Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Found the Dress

I had my MRA today. It was a lot shorter then the MRI on my head and neck. I didn’t panic as much in the tunnel but still felt my heart race a bit. Hopeful, my arteries are ok in my brain.

After the MRA, I decided to go see Mom.  I’ve been visiting Dad and not visit Mom as I should. She wasn’t in the mood to see me as she was reading. Getting the book away from her was a fight and when she went to bite me, I gave up and left. She only said said, “I want to read.” when I was there and did not look at me. Mom hasn’t really talked to me lately. My family tells me she is talkative with them. She must not like something about me because she doesn’t seem to want to talk to me. In the back of my mind, it reinforces the feeling that I was not my mother’s favorite by far.

I had a little extra time. To cheer me up, I figured I’d pop into TJ Maxx for some retail therapy to see about dresses. I didn’t like anything I saw. I tried on one pretty dress but it made me look 7 months pregnant. Not the look I am going for at the moment. In the same shopping plaza there is a Dress Barn and I figured it could not hurt to look in there.

I am glad I did.  I found a dress I thought looked great on me. Now the pictures aren’t very good. My hair is a mess and the dressing room was small but you can get the idea.



I could also wear this on a date, if I ever have one. :)


  1. Oooo Jen I love the dress! Very flattering - looking good, girl!


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