Monday, July 19, 2010


Work has been absolutely crazy. I suppose it is job security but some of the changes going on are beginning to make me a bit nervous. The big company I work for may be up to no good. I am bracing for what is to come. I should probably begin to get my papers in order and see what is out there.

Dad seemed to be in a good mood tonight. They have lifted the liquid limits and he can move around using a walker, which is progress. He just seemed to be in better spirits today. That made me in better spirits. He had a good conversation with a doctor that that put him at ease.

I have done well in getting fruits and vegetables today. I quickly got an egg white thin at Dunkin Donuts with an iced coffee. I like their caramel swirl flavor but generally, I hate Dunkin Donuts. They are everywhere here in Boston. I must have a good 50 of them within 5 miles of my house. For lunch, I got some salad with chicken at Whole Foods with pita chips as a snack and for dinner I had a mishmash of beans, macaroni and cheese (I had a free coupon and I used lower fat products to make it) with beans and a Hebrew National Hot Dog and watermelon for dessert.

I am going to attempt to go to the gym in the morning. I have pick my brother up from the T tonight and drive him home so I won’t get to bed until around 1 am and getting up at 5:30 seems daunting but I will set my alarm and hope for the best.

I am debating signing up for meetings again as well as going to the nutritionist. Is it overkill? I have a lot of food issues that they don’t cover in WW meetings nor should I pester the nutritionist about them. Maybe I need a food therapy group of some kind? Is there such a thing?

I booked a hotel room for the Thursday night before Blogher. I’ll be at the Four Points by Sheraton in Times Square. The Hilton was sold out. I will just go to the Hilton for Friday and Saturday night. I am looking forward to Blogher!


  1. So glad to hear your dad is doing better!

  2. Great blog! Such important issues to cover. I am really jealous that you're going to BlogHer! Thanks so much for visiting my blogoir on my SITS day last week.

  3. I am also happy your Dad is doing well. Have a great day.

  4. I've read a good portion of your blog. I can see you steadfastly stepping forward, one step at a time.
    Your parents seem to be in very poor health for their age, and that has to be a constant burden on you, I am sorry about that.
    You sound like you are doing everything right. You're right, that cloud doesn't ever completely go away, part of that dark cloud is simply worry about your parents! Take care, keep blogging.


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