Monday, July 26, 2010

Bit of a Hot Mess

When my therapist wants to see me once a week, I know I am a bit of a hot mess. It isn’t a secret. If I look over my posts for the last few weeks and it confirms it. My mood plummeted. My eating has been erratic at best and slightly binge worthy at worst.  I don’t want to get out of bed and could have slept the whole weekend away given the chance. The shadow has returned.

Trying to cheer myself up, I ordered a few fancy bras from Three were lacy and frilly and fit me. I really needed some new bras. Like, I only had one non-poking bra left. I also got a Freya sports bra that is a bit small. I will keep it because in 20 pounds it should be fine. I’ll just wear the non-poking bra exercising. I have resorted to retail therapy lately or at least, I have tried to resort to it, only to not find anything I wanted.

Before visiting Dad, I stopped by Castle Island and went for a nice walk.  Given the absolutely gorgeous weather today in Boston, lots of people were out, including me. The planes were taking off in a different direction tonight so I was a bit disappointed to miss my trip daydreaming, especially when the big Europe bound planes are taking off in the evening. It was a good walk though. It cleared my mind a bit. I need to do that more often. 

I saw Dad today and it did not result in a stubborn battle of wills. I will admit that I am his daughter and a redhead. I can be stubborn right back and play with the best of them but I hate it. Dad may be the King of Guilt Trips (We ate macaroni and cheese for two weeks just so you could have that $75 – famous line said to me while in college), but I can match wills. He seemed in a good mood. The nursing home is coming tomorrow to evaluate him because he needed to be sitter-free for 24 hours before they would come. He is a bit impulsive and needed a sitter until today.

I bought a Monthly Pass when I rejoined Weight Watchers on Saturday. Of course, the pass they gave me does not come with an access code. Why the hell wouldn’t it when they ask you for the code when you say you have the pass? It annoys me. I had planned to sign in and journal all of my food online. I am supposed to get an email within 48 hours of buying the pass, well, I haven’t gotten the email. I will be emailing them in them in the morning.

It is one day closer to Friday, is it not?


  1. Once a week isn't so bad. Three times a week is a sign of a serious problem. But weekly visits are a good way to work through what is a really complicated and difficult time in your life.

  2. Once a week really isnt so bad. Sounds like you have a good therapist. Hope it goes well.


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