Thursday, July 1, 2010

Aroa Chocolate - Boston

I went on my first ever chocolate tasting last night and I think I will be checking them out more often.

Aroa is a cute chocolate shop in Boston’s South End that sells and makes their own chocolate.  I liked the cool layout of the store.


The chocolate tasting was $12 and included a detailed talk on the chocolate making process and 4 chocolate sample. I really liked the chocolate. There were two small bars, one of milk and one of dark chocolate, and 2 flavored pieces.


After the talk, we had an opportunity to see the back of the store where they make the chocolate. I have always like the how-to TV shows and I loved looking at the chocolate melting machines.



Unfortunately, the chocolate was really out of my budget but I did get a small white chocolate bar to enjoy later.

The only real downside to the nice was the person sitting next to me. He decided it was the night to make fun of my accent and really give me details about how rude the natives of Boston area. He explained how we walk in front of people not caring about the people in the back of us. He also thought we have no grocery store common sense.

I was really taken aback. I can understand a little playful teasing about my accent. I do have a bit of an accent but really, in what world is it good manners to go on like that? He said that “people don’t do that where I am from”. I asked where that was and he said “Canada, north of Detroit.”  Life is just better up there, he said. That’s nice. What is your rude self doing here then? Please go home.

I don’t want to inflict him on my Canadian readers either. Happy Canada Day to you!

One more day to the long weekend. I hope to catch some fireworks somewhere this weekend. I am not going into Boston though to see them.

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  1. Yep, he sounds exactly like the toolbag on my hiking event...only he was from Washington, D.C. I later emailed him and told him to take his attitude to a Red Sox game and see how many new friends he'd make. And I had an ex-friend/coworker from the Midwest who complained nonstop about how much Boston people suck (despite the fact that she made oodles of friends here), how the men suck, the weather sucks, the traffic sucks, blah blah blah. She finally moved to Chicago - good riddance.

    It's just so strange to me because I love visiting new places and hearing different's what makes the world unique. It would be a pretty boring planet if everyone talked and acted the same.


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