Monday, June 7, 2010

Yes, I have a problem.

You might be wondering if I have been knitting lately.  I have.


I have also added 3 new knitting books to my ever expanding collection. To further infatuate me with cables, I got Power Cables by Lily Chin. After looking at the book at Barnes & Noble, I got Northern Knits by Lucinda Guy.  Finally, I was obsessed when I looked at it in a local yarn store, I got Comfort Knitting & Crochet Afghans because I can never have enough blankets.


I definitely need to cast on another project.  If I admit I have a problem with knitting books, do I have a problem? : ) Oh, and yarn….

I have also, through hosting a party to help a friend, seem to have bought half of the Lia Sophia catalogue.  I know I have some more boxes in addition to these.  There is another Lia Sophia party tomorrow night! At least, I bought 98% of what I wanted.


I am still feeling a bit down about myself. I really need to concentrate on what I do like. Like my color changing eyes – I love them. Blue one day, green the next, hazel looking the day after…My eyes have been so green lately. I like my eyes.

My mood is a bit of a roller coaster. Work has been wicked stressful. My headaches have been bad. I see my doctor tomorrow as a follow up appointment so I am going to request help.  I have a high pain tolerance but it is getting a bit much for me to take.  The 3 combine for quite an emotional roller coaster ride.

Someone, who I will not name, asked me today what was wrong with me since I am 36 and single. Really? What possesses someone to ask that? I can’t begin to fathom walking up and asking someone that.  She must have been snorting something.  I will not let it bother me. How do you do deal with being so ugly inside lady?

I am a independent, smart, vibrant, friendly single 36 year old woman.  I can do what I want when I want. If I get married someday, great. If not, I am still independent, smart, vibrant and friendly.

I had 5 servings of veggies and 3 servings of fruit today. Yay! I feel so much better when I eat whole food. I even made extra dinner tonight to bring for lunch tomorrow. I am going to try to get one treat a week. Saturday will be a treat day.  I can get something I like.

I bought Boots some homeopathic anti-diarrhea medicine tonight. I hope it helps. I also bought some Blue Buffalo soft food for him.  He is eating like a king kitty!

I am going to go look through my new knitting books.



  1. 1. I see nothing at all wrong with owning a million books, knitting or otherwise. And the yarn is a given!

    2. What is Lia Sophia? I'm intrigued...

    3. I met you at last year's Blogtoberfest and OMG I had no idea you were 36!! You don't look it at all, I totally thought you were my age (27/28). Also people are rude, that lady needs to F off and learn some manners.

    4. Love your blog. :-)

    P.S. I no longer blog, but formerly known as Tall Red Amanda.

  2. Lia Sophia is jewelery. I need to wear more jewelery since I bought so much!

    Thank you :)

  3. Oh my goodness I love Lia Sophia Jewelery! No one seems to have parties around me anymore though... I hate it! Also love the knitting! I am a slow knitter very slow. No one in my family does it or I would talk someone into making me a scarf lol!

    have a fabulous day!



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