Saturday, June 26, 2010

Out of the Darkness

Tonight in Boston, lots of people will be walking to raise money for Suicide Prevention. I won’t be walking but I will be volunteering for two shifts. One Saturday afternoon and one starting Saturday night at 11:00 through Sunday morning at 5:00.

As a mental health blogger and as someone who had thoughts in the past, I didn’t have enough time to raise the money needed to walk so I volunteered.

This weekend is a busy one. Between volunteering, an old college friend is in town. I can’t believe it has been 15 years since I graduated from college. Where does time go? Mu 20th high school reunion is next year. Ugh!

I am really happy to see her. Reminiscing about life at Bradley University and life now, I don’t feel sad but happy. I miss the friends I have lost touch with and am happy to have reconnected.  Tomorrow, she will get to experience my Boston driving again. In Illinois, I was reminded, I was a bit of a crazy driver. They can experience me on my home turf.

The Bottle Cap Wisdom of the Day, also from a bottle of Honest tea, is a 6-word memoir: Found on Craigslist, table, apartment, fiancé.  - Becki Lee. I need to submit a 6 word memoir. I wonder what that would be.

How was your weekend?

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  1. HI Jennifer,

    I came to your web site via a search on the Out of the Darkness walk.

    A dear friend of mine lost her 20 yr old son in April to suicide.

    She and her family walked in the Overnight. I saw the plans being made, I saw them meeting and exceeding their $$ goals.

    I never stopped to think of the folks on the sidelines that would be needed to support the walker.


    God Bless You for taking the time to assist.

    It's perfect that your site was the first one I choose to click on.

    I'm going to share this post with my friend. :)

    XO XO
    Deb in Ohio


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