Friday, June 11, 2010

On My Walk

I wasn’t going to take a walk tonight after work but I decided I needed to clear my mind. I had a bad headache and felt the fresh air might do me good. I grabbed the iTouch and my sneakers and headed out.

I decided to listen to one of my school girl crush bands that I am loving now, The Airborne Toxic Event. I thought my days of crushes on rock stars are over, especially since I am now older then most of them


Henry Fonda Music Box Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, 2/12/09 / Photo Credit: Stuart Wainstock – from The Airborne Toxic Machine

I also saw a rabbit with her baby at the end of Fenno Street near Quincy Shore Drive near the marshes. That made me happy to se that near the hustle and bustle of Wollaston Beach on a Friday night.

I tracked my food today!

Date Name Type Quantity Units Calories
6/11/2010 Banana, fresh, sml, 6 to 6 7/8 long Breakfast 0.5 Each 45
6/11/2010 Peanut Butter, natural, creamy Breakfast 1 Tablespoon 100
6/11/2010 Oats, rolled, old fashioned Breakfast 0.5 Cup 160
6/11/2010 Milk, 1%, w/add vit A & D Breakfast 1 Cup 110
6/11/2010 Thomas' Whole wheat Bagel Thin Lunch 1 Serving 100
6/11/2010 Lunchmeat, ham, baked, home style, svg Lunch 2 Each 120
6/11/2010 Mustard, yellow, prep Lunch 1 Teaspoon 3
6/11/2010 100 Cal Cheese Bites Lunch 1 Serving 100
6/11/2010 Red Fork Bianca Pizza Dinner 2.25 Servings 742
6/11/2010 Hood Frozen Yogurt – Choc Chip Cook Dou Dinner 1.75 Servings 228
6/11/2010 Strawberries, fresh, whole Snacks 1 Cup 46
6/11/2010 Blueberries, fresh Snacks 0.333 Cup 20
6/11/2010 Walking Exercise 60 minutes 277.143

Tomorrow I am getting my hair done and going to World Wide Knit in Public Day.






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  1. Enjoy getting your hair done:) I love getting mine done plus my nails


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