Friday, June 18, 2010

I must find dresses!

I was reading this blog post: Undomestic Diva’s The Less Than Super Famous Blogger’s Guide to Blogher 2010 since it will be my first Blogher adventure.  She mentions business cards (check), ride from airport (not flying in) and make a list (not a list person but I will try). You should bring cash, camera, business cards and cocktail dresses (!!!!)……

I must buy a couple of cocktail dresses since I have signed up for a few parties. I might finally have an opportunity to order an IGIGI dress! I have raved and drooled over them several times. The thought of going to stores and trying on dresses scares me. Really. The dresses I see in the stores in my size make me totally depressed. I must start to look because it will take a long time. I have to choose 1 to order from IGIGI.

I hate looking at myself in dressing room mirrors. The mirrors show every stretch mark, red spot, freckle gone wrong, crazy mole, etc. I find fault with everything. I need to find someone to come with me to knock some sense into me.  That is when the shadow come out of hiding and takes over. One little bad thought parades into many and I end up at home crying calling myself ugly names.

I received a message on OKC tonight that said “You got BIGGUNS! Awesome. Love em.” Err, Thanks. Ah, yeah I do. Why can’t they say hello?

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