Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Boston Gal in Louisville Part 2


Sunday started with sleeping in then a trip to Lynn’s Paradise Cafe. We walked there from my friend’s house since the food would be rich. I had seen it on the Travel Channel and really, I suppose, it is a Louisville quirky place with really good food.




A giant mimosa was needed.  It tasted good along with the coffee, woke me up.





I opted for multi grain pancakes with blueberries.  They were really good! I could not finish them and only ate about half of it.







My friend got the Bourbon Ball French toast.  It was really good! My friend gave me two pieces of hers but I could only manage one.






There was a pair of pants hanging from the wall made of used tea bags.  I sort of grossed me out a bit.






As a whole, the place is really kitschy but a good time.



On Monday, I hung out a lot with my 4 legged, 1 eyed boyfriend.  He slept with me, followed me around, was a Boston Terrier shadow, while I was there.  His name was Rudy and Boot’s must have been jealous!



Since I have been home, I have been tracking my food intake and my mood has been ok.  I caught a cold or maybe it was allergies, when I was in Louisville, but I feel better now.  I am looking forward to the weekend. It is another wicked busy one.

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