Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Boston Gal in Louisville Part 1

I had a great time in Louisville.  It was nice to hang out with my friend and explore a city that is very different from home. The best way I could describe it would be funky, in a good way. The road configuration with the different lanes was one major difference from home. The other was the talking to neighbors. I know my neighbors by sight and a quick hello, how are you type of thing but not the full fledged conversation every time I go in or out. I am not sure the introvert in me would like that much. 

I arrived on Thursday afternoon but after a full day of traveling I was tired. My friend worked on Friday so I decided to spend the day roaming around.  I found this cool coffee shop on Bardstown Road, Quill’s Coffee.


The atmosphere was cool and there was good coffee and free Wi-Fi available. I could have spent a while sitting in the cafe.


I had a cup of coffee and bran muffin.  This muffin had nuts, raisins, carrots and other good stuff.  What was best about it was that I was full for a long time after.


I walked a bit down Bardstown Road but decided that I wanted to go to a museum.  I decided to go to the Louisville Slugger Museum. Getting there was a bit confusing though.  I took a bus to the trolley then the trolley took me to the street but I could not find the next trolley I was to take so I walked, a lot. I finally reached the museum.


They did not allow photography on the factory tour but the tour was my favorite part of the museum. I love those how it is made TV shows and this tour did just that. 

That night we went to Churchill Downs.  They were having a happy hour and horse racing.  I had never bet on horse racing before but there is a first time for everything.  I did not win on that bet but I did break even that night.


Churchill Downs and the horse racing was fun. It was a fun atmosphere and watching live racing was different then it is on TV.





Saturday, I went to Maker’s Mark.  I also really liked the tour.  The scenery on the drive was beautiful and the distillery itself was really nice.




It was hot and humid in this room and it smelled like a brewery. It was cool to see though.


This storage shed was nice and cool though.  Seeing all the barrels and listening to the tour guide was an experience. I was disappointed that production was not running since it was a Saturday.



We had the opportunity to taste the finished bourbon and their mint julep product (only available in Kentucky). I liked the bourbon!


I got to dip my own bottle in wax. I got into the protective gear to do it.


The whole place was very scenic.


Before the tour, we stopped for lunch at Hurst Discount Drugs.  It was a soda fountain still in a drug store.



Saturday night, we saw the band, Swell Season, at the Brown Theater. Unfortunately, my camera’s battery needed to be recharged and I did not have my camera.  I liked the concert and the music.  I only knew a few of their songs prior to the show but after, I really liked most of the music.

I felt pretty good on the first two days.  My mood was good and for the most part, my headaches were manageable.

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  1. I bet you can guess what the favorite part of the trip would've been for me - that vintage soda fountain/drugstore! The only one I've seen in this area is on Nantucket. Everything sounds like it was so much fun - love the giant baseball bat. Glad you had a nice time and got to see so much.


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