Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cats taking over

I went to a chocolate tasting tonight and, get this, I used my camera! Yes, I took lots of pictures, which I will post tomorrow.


Boots, seen here in the box, is on Facebook. I had a lonely night and thus came the profile, after a little finagling, for Boots, the cat.  While logged in as him tonight, I saw all of his friend suggestions, other cats. Lots of them! I am not the only crazy Facebook cat person.

Boots is going to have more cat friends then I do soon. Cats are taking over Facebook, as well as a rabbit or two.

All the chocolaty details tomorrow!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

One down..

Another working day closer to the long weekend!

Tonight, I did something unusual. The other day I saw kale at the farmer’s market. Outside of soup, I don’t think I have eaten much kale never mind cooked with it. I saw a recipe in Hannaford’s monthly magazine for Mac & Cheese with Greens and Beans that uses kale and sounded good so I made it. 









It doesn’t look pretty but it was very good.  I used whole wheat pasta, pre-shredded cheese, apple cider vinegar and black beans, instead of what was called for because I had the ingredients on hand, and I liked it.  I’ll make it again.

I will have to see what other unknown to me vegetables there are this week.

Something has decided it likes my leg. My leg is riddled with bug bites. I am trying my best not to scratch but a times, I am losing that war. I’ve been slathering on Benadryl but it seems to be mind over matter. A bit like depression, sort of. I have to focus my mind on other things and really stop myself from thinking destructive thoughts. So far it has worked fairly well.

Tomorrow after work, I am going on a chocolate tour.  Yum!

Tonight’s Bottle Cap Wisdom, again from Honest Tea Lori’s Lemon: Money often costs too much. – Ralph Waldo Emerson.   Hmmm. Maybe.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Sitting in front of a fan….

Today is one of the few days of the year that I wish I had air conditioning.  It is hot and humid here in Boston and the air is thick. I have lived without air conditioning most of my life and outside of maybe 15 days a year, it is not needed, but today, is not one of those days. I spend a lot of time in front of fans.

Since I volunteered Saturday night for the Out of Darkness walk in Boston, it threw my sleep schedule totally off. I slept for 9 hours during the day yesterday after I got home then went to bed around 11 pm as normal and slept throughout the night. I felt like I slept the day away. I want a Sunday do-over. Luckily, I have an extra long weekend next weekend. In addition to the holiday on the 5th, I am taking the 6th off. I love long weekends!

I was thinking of going to see some of the historical Quincy sites over the weekend. I live down the street from the John Adam’s estate and I have never been. I haven’t seen any of the Adam’s houses or the other historical Quincy sites except for the grave sites of the former presidents in the Unitarian Church’s basement. That was a bit freaky. I think that it might be a fitting activity for the holiday weekend.

I am feeling ok today. Dad said I sounded down when I talked to him. He asked me if everything was alright. I don’t think I was down but maybe I was sort of. Not really down, just there. It was hot. I was tired. It probably reflected in my voice.

Tonight’s Bottle Cap Wisdom, from Honest Tea, is not a favorite of mine. Some cause happiness wherever they go, others whenever they go. – Oscar Wilde.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Out of the Darkness

Tonight in Boston, lots of people will be walking to raise money for Suicide Prevention. I won’t be walking but I will be volunteering for two shifts. One Saturday afternoon and one starting Saturday night at 11:00 through Sunday morning at 5:00.

As a mental health blogger and as someone who had thoughts in the past, I didn’t have enough time to raise the money needed to walk so I volunteered.

This weekend is a busy one. Between volunteering, an old college friend is in town. I can’t believe it has been 15 years since I graduated from college. Where does time go? Mu 20th high school reunion is next year. Ugh!

I am really happy to see her. Reminiscing about life at Bradley University and life now, I don’t feel sad but happy. I miss the friends I have lost touch with and am happy to have reconnected.  Tomorrow, she will get to experience my Boston driving again. In Illinois, I was reminded, I was a bit of a crazy driver. They can experience me on my home turf.

The Bottle Cap Wisdom of the Day, also from a bottle of Honest tea, is a 6-word memoir: Found on Craigslist, table, apartment, fiancĂ©.  - Becki Lee. I need to submit a 6 word memoir. I wonder what that would be.

How was your weekend?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dad 1968ish

Five years before I graced his life, this was Dad. After hearing all about his exploits, I lived vicariously through my Dad.

dad with funky glasses

Dad is the in the red.

I sometimes wish I could have had the wild teen age experiences but so far, the best times of my life have been from age 30 on.

I have a total backlog of Honest Tea caps for Bottle Cap Wisdom of the Day. Today’s comes from Lori’s Lemon, my favorite, by Honest Tea: We cannot become what we need to be by remaining what we are. – Max De Pree

Interesting and true.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Not Bad

I met with the nutritionist for the first time since before I went to Louisville. I actually lost weight since then. Between Dad in the hospital and everything, I seem to have lost weight. Maybe it is because the Topamax has sapped my appetite.  I’ll take it.

This whole thing with Dad has sort of scared me. He is only 61.  Granted he was a bit wilder then I ever was. He was 20 in 1968 after all but he is way too young for the problems he has. I am a lot like him. Freckled, fair skinned, built sort of like him with shorter legs (unlike my Mom, same height but legs 2 inches longer than mine) and I will probably go down the same path.

I can do something to stop it. I can treat myself better. I am much better at not bashing myself inside. I am liking myself better. Maybe it is wearing the jewelry, putting a bit of make-up on in the morning and the multiplying of freckles. I can treat my body better by taking care of myself fully.

I can’t take care of anyone unless I take care of myself.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Road trip to North Dakota?

According to the geniuses at OkCupid, North Dakota is one of the top states in the country for my matches. Anyone want to go with me to North Dakota?

My best states were Hawaii, West Virginia, Virginia, North Dakota and Alaska. My worst states were Ohio, Georgia, South Carolina, Wyoming and Michigan. As for countries, I should stick to Slovakia, Israel, Slovenia, Singapore and Iceland. Lebanon, Pakistan and Egypt are not the best for me.

I love stuff like that.  Not that I would meet someone from Hawaii or Slovakia in every day life. It is just weird information that I crave.

My email account today was hacked into. If you have ever gotten and email from me or emailed me, then I may have spammed you. Sorry :(.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Lazy Sunday

I have had one lazy Sunday, mostly because my diet yesterday consisted of mainly sangria. I had two parties to go to, both were wicked fun and had lots of sangria.  Last night, I managed to get home around midnight in one piece. Walking through Southie to Broadway Station alone is probably not the safest thing to do alone around midnight either then walking home from the T but I did it. I didn’t even feel very drunk.  Unfortunately, I felt hit by an 18 wheeler this morning.

I miss the days where I could drink and drink and feel like nothing happened in the morning. I am hoping a hard cider might hide the head ache. My new cider addiction is:

It isn’t as sweet as Magner’s or as subtle as Woodchuck. I am really liking it.

Me and Secret Sister started the day at The Wheelhouse Diner.  The cook there was talking about customers giving him jokes and how he challenges them to come up with good jokes.  I have to find some good ones for when I go back.  We sit at the counter and the cook is about 2 feet away from the counter so there is good banter with him when we are there.

I then came and continued to read Voyager. I am about 2/3rds through it.  I have the next book to read once I am done.  My reading list is getting very long. I want to read The Bronze Horseman series next. My list is getting to be quite long. Reading has always been a form of escape for me and I can’t get enough.

For Father’s Day, me, the brother and Secret Sister took my Dad to Bertucci’s for dinner. The constant bickering between Dad and Secret Sister was getting to me. She treats him like a kid and he hates it. I hate their bickering. It drives me crazy. My brother isn’t too crazy about it either.

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s out there!



Friday, June 18, 2010

I must find dresses!

I was reading this blog post: Undomestic Diva’s The Less Than Super Famous Blogger’s Guide to Blogher 2010 since it will be my first Blogher adventure.  She mentions business cards (check), ride from airport (not flying in) and make a list (not a list person but I will try). You should bring cash, camera, business cards and cocktail dresses (!!!!)……

I must buy a couple of cocktail dresses since I have signed up for a few parties. I might finally have an opportunity to order an IGIGI dress! I have raved and drooled over them several times. The thought of going to stores and trying on dresses scares me. Really. The dresses I see in the stores in my size make me totally depressed. I must start to look because it will take a long time. I have to choose 1 to order from IGIGI.

I hate looking at myself in dressing room mirrors. The mirrors show every stretch mark, red spot, freckle gone wrong, crazy mole, etc. I find fault with everything. I need to find someone to come with me to knock some sense into me.  That is when the shadow come out of hiding and takes over. One little bad thought parades into many and I end up at home crying calling myself ugly names.

I received a message on OKC tonight that said “You got BIGGUNS! Awesome. Love em.” Err, Thanks. Ah, yeah I do. Why can’t they say hello?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Long Day

My Dad is home.  He didn’t think he should be going home but he is home. I spent some time with him tonight watching Rebel Monkeys, on my new favorite TV channel, Nat Geo WILD.

Photo: ABC News

I am going to try to get him an appointment at Massachusetts General Hospital’s Heart Center for help. I am trying hard to keep the mood above water. It is getting tough.

I am totally looking forward to the weekend. I have a few parties to go to and I am going to unwind.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Curmudgeons is another word I like.  My Dad was a curmudgeon yesterday. I felt a bit curmudgeonish today.

Statler Waldorf

I worked this morning and it was busy as usual.  I could hardly get out of bed this morning. My boss complains that she can’t sleep and I have the opposite problem.  I could totally sleep all day.  I sleep through 3 alarms, of course, after getting out of bed, shutting them off and getting back into bed. It would be even worse, or maybe better, if I had a boyfriend to either keep me in bed or kick me out. I don’t know what insomnia is like.

I had my MRI.  I have had other MRIs before but for some reason I was really nervous about today.  I had to keep my chin on this holder thing and not move. They gave me ear plugs but it was still very loud. Oh well. Hopefully they will find a reason for my headaches.

After the MRI, I went to see Dad. He was in better spirits today. They still don’t know what is wrong with him.  There is blood in his urine. He still may have had another stroke.  I told him how strange he was acting yesterday and how I should have hit him over the head. He laughed. He is going to be in the hospital for another 2 or 3 days.  He has seen a few doctors (cardiologist, urologist, blood doctors) and hopefully the neurologist will come tomorrow.

All of this has gotten to me. I am feeling, well, that I miss having a guy.  I miss talking. Someone has to be out there. My life is better now at 36 than it was at 26. Sorry for the whining. There is a younger guy from OKC I am talking to. He is 29. I have never dated anyone that much younger. We’ll see.

Monday, June 14, 2010


Dad is in the hospital yet again.  He was acting weird, according to my brother, so while at another doctor’s appointment, he thought he should go to the hospital.  He took a cab over to Milton Hospital from the doctor’s appointment in Stoughton. I left work early to go over to the hospital.  When I got there, he was acting strange.  He was very grumpy and trying to walk to the staff lounge.  He walks funny in a shuffling type of way since he had his last strokes, and his whole demeanor was off.

Between him and Mom, I don’t know who to worry about more. Mom, whose brain is dying, but is relatively ok in the nursing home or Dad, who is falling apart.  They are both 61 and should be enjoying life. It makes me sad.

Tomorrow is my MRI on my brain. Hopefully, it will show something. I just want an answer. Most likely they won’t find any cause of the headaches (maybe my parents above). I will go to the hospital after to see Dad.

I am off to read for a bit. I am almost done with Dragonfly in Amber and soon on to Voyager. I am hooked on The Outlander series. I need a Jamie.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Times Change

This weekend is a first in a while.  I have a quiet weekend. Outside of my hair appointment, I don’t have to be anywhere. A few years ago this would have been the norm and I wanted a more active social life.  Now I have it and I sometimes miss my loner self.  The grass is certainly greener on the other side of the fence.

I have spent this weekend knitting and reading. I am almost done with the second Outlander book, Dragonfly in Amber and the scarf is getting bigger and the skein of yarn is getting smaller. Yesterday was World Wide Knit in Public Day. A bunch of us braved the misty, drizzly weather on Wollaston Beach to come.  That is is me sitting on the bench in the green. Here is the Ravelry post.

I also went to visit Mom yesterday. She was not in a talkative mood and she fought with me when I went to take the book away.  She would not look at me at all. When she finished her chapter, she smiled at me. I asked her a few questions but she did not talk.  She could not get away from that book.  When I talked to Dad later, he said that she was really talkative early. Perhaps she was talked out when I went. I left after 30 minutes.

The weather here is still kind of blah. I am trying to keep that mood up. Cloudy, rainy, a perfect day for laundry and cleaning.   That is what I am off to do.

I will do a food journal posting tonight as well. My iTouch battery died so I have to charge it.

Friday, June 11, 2010

On My Walk

I wasn’t going to take a walk tonight after work but I decided I needed to clear my mind. I had a bad headache and felt the fresh air might do me good. I grabbed the iTouch and my sneakers and headed out.

I decided to listen to one of my school girl crush bands that I am loving now, The Airborne Toxic Event. I thought my days of crushes on rock stars are over, especially since I am now older then most of them


Henry Fonda Music Box Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, 2/12/09 / Photo Credit: Stuart Wainstock – from The Airborne Toxic Machine

I also saw a rabbit with her baby at the end of Fenno Street near Quincy Shore Drive near the marshes. That made me happy to se that near the hustle and bustle of Wollaston Beach on a Friday night.

I tracked my food today!

Date Name Type Quantity Units Calories
6/11/2010 Banana, fresh, sml, 6 to 6 7/8 long Breakfast 0.5 Each 45
6/11/2010 Peanut Butter, natural, creamy Breakfast 1 Tablespoon 100
6/11/2010 Oats, rolled, old fashioned Breakfast 0.5 Cup 160
6/11/2010 Milk, 1%, w/add vit A & D Breakfast 1 Cup 110
6/11/2010 Thomas' Whole wheat Bagel Thin Lunch 1 Serving 100
6/11/2010 Lunchmeat, ham, baked, home style, svg Lunch 2 Each 120
6/11/2010 Mustard, yellow, prep Lunch 1 Teaspoon 3
6/11/2010 100 Cal Cheese Bites Lunch 1 Serving 100
6/11/2010 Red Fork Bianca Pizza Dinner 2.25 Servings 742
6/11/2010 Hood Frozen Yogurt – Choc Chip Cook Dou Dinner 1.75 Servings 228
6/11/2010 Strawberries, fresh, whole Snacks 1 Cup 46
6/11/2010 Blueberries, fresh Snacks 0.333 Cup 20
6/11/2010 Walking Exercise 60 minutes 277.143

Tomorrow I am getting my hair done and going to World Wide Knit in Public Day.






Thursday, June 10, 2010

What happened to the warm weather?

It has been a gloomy day here in Boston. What happened to the sun? The warm weather? People on the Red Line tonight were grumpy.  I was too engrossed in my book to care or I was grumpy right back (don’t mess with this red head).

My mood sort of reflected the weather. Not really up, not really down, sort of in between.  I don’t know, I was just kind of there. I worked but not engaged with anyone.  I was in Prozac-Wellbutrin limbo. I woke up a couple of times last night, which is totally unusual. Trouble sleeping is a Topamax side affect. I could not get out of bed on time though. Hopefully, since tomorrow is Friday, it will be better. 

I am getting my hair cut on Saturday and I am going to a brunch on Sunday. That is it! I have the rest of the time to chill.  I can even go to the gym after work tomorrow.

I have not journaled my food since I got back from Louisville.  I think I am going to use Lose-It again. I liked it and I could put the cool graphs on the blog. I am feeling better about the whole food thing since I am going to bring my lunches and stop buying so much.

I am off to kick some trivia ass tonight.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Travel Bug

I have totally been bitten by the travel bug. I have been to Denver (LOVED it) and Louisville (really funky in a cool way) this year.  I have Blogher ‘10 in August. I am really excited about that. I even got business cards for the blog in preparation.  I am thinking of splurging on Amtrak and going a day early. I only booked a hotel for Friday and Saturday night.  I may try to see if I can get a room somewhere Thursday night.

I have been talking with friends about going to Italy next year.  My Mom’s parents were born and raised in Italy and come from a small Italian village called San Donato val di Comino. Even though my relationship with Mom’s family is strained (to the point, I may need to be held back at her funeral someday), I would like to visit. I would see other areas of Italy as well.  I may not look Italian but I am.

Dad asked if I wanted to go to Ireland with him.  A long time ago, relatives left from County Longford to Boston. He went to visit a few years ago to do genealogical research and he wants to go again.  I would go with him.  I have been to Ireland before, my only passport stamp. I would love to go again. We have to plan a time to go.

I have got to save my pennies! I have decided to have a set amount for discretionary spending - $50. That does not include grocery purchases but it does include things like coffee or breakfast out.  I have to really think hard about what I want to spend my money on. It is going to be hard but doable.  Means 1 or maybe 2 drinks at trivia tomorrow night, not 5 and dinner beforehand.

It will be a weight loss thing too because the less times I get coffee or eat out, the better I control what I eat. I like to have a life but I have to be choosier.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Headache Help

I went for a follow up appointment after my physical.  While the appointment was a follow up to my blood pressure, I really concentrated on my headaches. My blood pressure was 110/70!  I  now have a prescription for Topamax and Fioricet. I am too take the Topamax once at night. I am starting at 25 mgs.  The Fioricet will be taken as needed.

Friends have told me that the side effects could be memory issues and that they call it dopamax. I also saw on the pharmacy medical sheet that it might cause worsening depression. I really need to keep an eye on that. I don’t need suicidal thoughts.  Another side effect was eye movement. Since I am already twitchy, my eye may twitch away! Finally, possible weight loss, that may be the only positive effect.

I am having an MRI with contrast on Tuesday, an appointment with an Ear Nose and Throat doctor next Thursday then in 6 weeks, a neurology appointment.  Perhaps, I may be getting answers. Something isn’t right. I have had headaches for a long long time but the intensity is getting worse and it affects my ear now too.  I’d rather not take medicine but my high tolerance for pain can only take so much.

I am keeping my fingers crossed these appointments find something. 

Monday, June 7, 2010

Yes, I have a problem.

You might be wondering if I have been knitting lately.  I have.


I have also added 3 new knitting books to my ever expanding collection. To further infatuate me with cables, I got Power Cables by Lily Chin. After looking at the book at Barnes & Noble, I got Northern Knits by Lucinda Guy.  Finally, I was obsessed when I looked at it in a local yarn store, I got Comfort Knitting & Crochet Afghans because I can never have enough blankets.


I definitely need to cast on another project.  If I admit I have a problem with knitting books, do I have a problem? : ) Oh, and yarn….

I have also, through hosting a party to help a friend, seem to have bought half of the Lia Sophia catalogue.  I know I have some more boxes in addition to these.  There is another Lia Sophia party tomorrow night! At least, I bought 98% of what I wanted.


I am still feeling a bit down about myself. I really need to concentrate on what I do like. Like my color changing eyes – I love them. Blue one day, green the next, hazel looking the day after…My eyes have been so green lately. I like my eyes.

My mood is a bit of a roller coaster. Work has been wicked stressful. My headaches have been bad. I see my doctor tomorrow as a follow up appointment so I am going to request help.  I have a high pain tolerance but it is getting a bit much for me to take.  The 3 combine for quite an emotional roller coaster ride.

Someone, who I will not name, asked me today what was wrong with me since I am 36 and single. Really? What possesses someone to ask that? I can’t begin to fathom walking up and asking someone that.  She must have been snorting something.  I will not let it bother me. How do you do deal with being so ugly inside lady?

I am a independent, smart, vibrant, friendly single 36 year old woman.  I can do what I want when I want. If I get married someday, great. If not, I am still independent, smart, vibrant and friendly.

I had 5 servings of veggies and 3 servings of fruit today. Yay! I feel so much better when I eat whole food. I even made extra dinner tonight to bring for lunch tomorrow. I am going to try to get one treat a week. Saturday will be a treat day.  I can get something I like.

I bought Boots some homeopathic anti-diarrhea medicine tonight. I hope it helps. I also bought some Blue Buffalo soft food for him.  He is eating like a king kitty!

I am going to go look through my new knitting books.


Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday Musings

It has been a crazy weather weekend in Boston. Friday night around 3:30 am, a huge thunderstorm came through the area.  The lightening and the thunder were instantaneous so it was very close. It sort of freaked me out a bit.  We have had tornado warnings in the area because conditions are favorable for tornados.  That is crazy for Boston.

Boots has been sick too. He has had loose stools and has been having them in inappropriate places. Time to call the vets office in the morning.  I will have to take time off of work to take him. Poor Boots :( He is not acting sick though this has been happening for a few days.

I have been totally sucked into the Outlander book series by Diana Gabaldon. I am currently reading the second book, Dragon Fly in Amber. A friend, who I knit and play trivia with on Thursday nights, talked about it and I got the first book from the library. I have bought the next 6 books and will get the 7th when it is released in paperback. 

Now, Jamie, I would totally dig.  I have dated a number of Irish guys and their accent does not fool me any longer but the Scottish accent, puts me in a trance. Desmond, of LOST, put me in a trance. Then there is Gerard Butler. A girl can dream.

Have you read any good books lately? I am always looking for good reads that I can escape to.

Today was also Not So Secret Sister’s 32nd birthday.  I took her to breakfast at OB’s on Billings Street in Quincy.  She got a free breakfast there and then tonight, we took her to the Abington Ale House for her free dinner with Dad, Jimmy and a good friend of NSS sister.  She was lamenting over turning 32.  My Dad commented that turning 62 was worse. His birthday is next month.

I haven’t really felt good about myself this weekend.  I am feeling ugly. I look at myself in the mirror and say things that I should not. Will this ever truly get better? I don’t seem to win this self esteem battle.  I am not really down just kind of there. I want to hide under the covers, which is my cool new Liberty of London comforter I bought in Louisville.

Dad talked about going to Ireland tonight at dinner.  He would pay for it.  I would totally go!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Boston Gal in Louisville Part 2


Sunday started with sleeping in then a trip to Lynn’s Paradise Cafe. We walked there from my friend’s house since the food would be rich. I had seen it on the Travel Channel and really, I suppose, it is a Louisville quirky place with really good food.




A giant mimosa was needed.  It tasted good along with the coffee, woke me up.





I opted for multi grain pancakes with blueberries.  They were really good! I could not finish them and only ate about half of it.







My friend got the Bourbon Ball French toast.  It was really good! My friend gave me two pieces of hers but I could only manage one.






There was a pair of pants hanging from the wall made of used tea bags.  I sort of grossed me out a bit.






As a whole, the place is really kitschy but a good time.



On Monday, I hung out a lot with my 4 legged, 1 eyed boyfriend.  He slept with me, followed me around, was a Boston Terrier shadow, while I was there.  His name was Rudy and Boot’s must have been jealous!



Since I have been home, I have been tracking my food intake and my mood has been ok.  I caught a cold or maybe it was allergies, when I was in Louisville, but I feel better now.  I am looking forward to the weekend. It is another wicked busy one.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Boston Gal in Louisville Part 1

I had a great time in Louisville.  It was nice to hang out with my friend and explore a city that is very different from home. The best way I could describe it would be funky, in a good way. The road configuration with the different lanes was one major difference from home. The other was the talking to neighbors. I know my neighbors by sight and a quick hello, how are you type of thing but not the full fledged conversation every time I go in or out. I am not sure the introvert in me would like that much. 

I arrived on Thursday afternoon but after a full day of traveling I was tired. My friend worked on Friday so I decided to spend the day roaming around.  I found this cool coffee shop on Bardstown Road, Quill’s Coffee.


The atmosphere was cool and there was good coffee and free Wi-Fi available. I could have spent a while sitting in the cafe.


I had a cup of coffee and bran muffin.  This muffin had nuts, raisins, carrots and other good stuff.  What was best about it was that I was full for a long time after.


I walked a bit down Bardstown Road but decided that I wanted to go to a museum.  I decided to go to the Louisville Slugger Museum. Getting there was a bit confusing though.  I took a bus to the trolley then the trolley took me to the street but I could not find the next trolley I was to take so I walked, a lot. I finally reached the museum.


They did not allow photography on the factory tour but the tour was my favorite part of the museum. I love those how it is made TV shows and this tour did just that. 

That night we went to Churchill Downs.  They were having a happy hour and horse racing.  I had never bet on horse racing before but there is a first time for everything.  I did not win on that bet but I did break even that night.


Churchill Downs and the horse racing was fun. It was a fun atmosphere and watching live racing was different then it is on TV.





Saturday, I went to Maker’s Mark.  I also really liked the tour.  The scenery on the drive was beautiful and the distillery itself was really nice.




It was hot and humid in this room and it smelled like a brewery. It was cool to see though.


This storage shed was nice and cool though.  Seeing all the barrels and listening to the tour guide was an experience. I was disappointed that production was not running since it was a Saturday.



We had the opportunity to taste the finished bourbon and their mint julep product (only available in Kentucky). I liked the bourbon!


I got to dip my own bottle in wax. I got into the protective gear to do it.


The whole place was very scenic.


Before the tour, we stopped for lunch at Hurst Discount Drugs.  It was a soda fountain still in a drug store.



Saturday night, we saw the band, Swell Season, at the Brown Theater. Unfortunately, my camera’s battery needed to be recharged and I did not have my camera.  I liked the concert and the music.  I only knew a few of their songs prior to the show but after, I really liked most of the music.

I felt pretty good on the first two days.  My mood was good and for the most part, my headaches were manageable.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Boots was happy to see me home tonight. I am happy to see him.  I had a long day of traveling. My flight out of Louisville was late, which made me late for the connection in Detroit. Running across Detroit’s airport with 15 minutes to space getting from Terminal B to Terminal A with two heavy bags was my exercise today.  The flight getting into Providence was late and Dad got lost on the way to the airport. I am home now though and tired.

I caught a cold in Louisville and brought it home. My ears haven’t popped from the flight yet. 

I took lots of pictures. A recap of my weekend tomorrow.

I am excited to sleep in my own bed tonight.