Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Skirt rant

Why is it so hard to find skirts in a size above 16? My legs are one of my good parts and despite looking at 5 stores today, I only found skirts at one of them, Talbot’s Woman.  I decided against buying one of the Talbot’s Woman skirts but I considered it seriously. They had a few work appropriate skirts and they were not really “old lady” like. 

There are lots of cool skirts I found online. I might have to order some when I get back.

This one from BodenUSA really caught my eye. I want it.




It is $98 and with the colors, most of my tops would go with it.









This one from Land’s End’s website but I did not see it at Sears to try it on.










I like this one from JC Penney. I may just have to order it.





I was specifically looking for a denim skirt but I also wanted a few for work.  I finally found a cheap denim skirt at Old Navy. I am not a huge fan of Old Navy since nothing seems to fit right there but I wanted it for Louisville and it will do.

Please bring back the skirts!

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  1. Have you tried Torrid? They have a lot of cute summery skirts right now.



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