Saturday, May 15, 2010

Rhode Island Sheep & Wool 2010

It was a gorgeous day for the sheep festival.  The day started out well. I went to the Ball Buster class but unfortunately, there were no of the largest size of exercise balls available for this tall gal so I made due with a small uncomfortable one.  I ate breakfast after the class. It consisted of lots of coffee with some Trader Joe’s frozen steel cut oatmeal with some Dalmatia Fig Spread mixed in. I liked it. 









I was ready to tackle the fair.  The drive down to Rhode Island was nice.  The end of Route 24 is pretty scenic and pretty.  I liked the open road and driving.  I think I need a road trip sometime in my future.  I hope to drive up to the Maine Fiber Frolic in a few weeks so that might be it.


The sky was clear and blue and the grass was green. I like it!


There were some cool vendors with lots of yarn there and I was ready. And there were animals.

Awesome alpaca’s! I bought some yarn that might have come from them.


Angora rabbits!


The main attraction, sheep, of course.




A rooster came to say hi to me.


There were spinning and weaving demonstrations. I do not know how to spin or weave.


The festival was held at Coggeshall Farm Museum in Bristol, RI.


The view from the exit was pretty good.


I, of course, came home with some booty and enhanced my ever growing stash.


What to knit with this gorgeously colored yarn.

I got home and I was knackered (another word I love) but I decided to go food shopping because I needed stuff then to the party of the end of the fitness challenge at the gym. I didn’t really know anyone and felt a bit out of place. I stayed for about two hours and came home. Before the party, I finished off the leftovers from last night.  They were not as good yesterday.

Bottle Cap Wisdom of the Day comes courtesy of a bottle of Magic Hat #9: Life’s not heaven on Route 7. I have never been to Vermont but I will be up there for the Vermont Sheep & Wool festival and I may have to check it out. 

Brunch tomorrow with a good friend and then the SOWA Market in the South End. The weather should be good too!

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